One platform to connect all the dots

Visibility of your data, governance tools and a low-code solution to build and deploy flexible workflows. Discover the core capabilties at the heart of the Workerbase platform.

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Low code app builder

Build, publish and deploy multiple workflow apps in days – not weeks, not months.

  • Low-code configurator

    Build apps easily with only basic coding knowledge using drag-and-drop configuration blocks

  • Version control

  • Display and collect data

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Data connectors

Use API connections to bring all your data sources together. Read and write data real-time.

  • Ready-to-use ERP and MES connectors

    Connect up all common IT systems – including SAP, Oracle, Celonis, Microsoft, and more – to create a single, easy-to-understand frontend for all your data.

  • Custom connections

  • Data mapping

  • Data extraction

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Data analytics

Measure process performance and uncover what you need to do to improve continuously.

  • Process analytics

    Visualize your processes in one place so you can see where you’re performing, and where there’s room for improvement

  • KPI dashboards

  • Conformance checking

  • Automated root cause identification

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Governance & compliance

Ensure every process aligns with company standards at all times to protect your operations and reputation.

  • Management dashboard

    A central digital interface that provides real-time insights and control over workforce operations and production processes

  • Approval workflows

  • Multi-site support and localization

  • Templating and versioning

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