Dynamic Process Execution Platform  

The WORKERBASE Dynamic Process Execution platform connects your frontline workers with machines, material and your production system. By using dynamic workflows on mobile devices, the platform automatically orchestrates your production in real-time to increase throughput, reduce machine downtimes and improve worker productivity.

Software platform to improve production flexibility

How Dynamic Process Execution works

The WORKERBASE Dynamic Process Execution Platform is an intelligent layer on top of your operations leveraging real-time process data to boost factory output and product quality at enterprise scale. The  platform uses mobile and wearable devices to make manual work in Industry 4.0 more efficient. The software connects operators through Dynamic Workflow apps and assigns tasks in a very flexible way. The manufacturing apps automatically synchronize all workflow data. The data can then be used to understand and improve processes in real-time. Navigate through the steps below to see how to setup the system, connect your employees, understand the generated data and improve the processes based on real-time data.
Connect your existing systems, machines and other data sources
The WORKERBASE system runs in the cloud or on premise. The system includes proven manufacturing app templates for Assembly, Machine operation, Maintenance, Quality assurance and Logistics. You can connect your existing IT systems through standard interfaces and adapt the solution to your needs. All manufacturing apps run out-of-the box and can be easily configured to meet your individual requirements.
mes for agile manufacturing
Orchestrate your workforce and collect crucial operational data
With the WORKERBASE manufacturing apps, you connect your operators with each other and provide real-time workflow capabilities. Your operators use the mobile workflows to get guidance, report production data and trigger immediate problem solving workflows. WORKERBASE assigns tasks based on skills, location or workflow context. The system works on multiple device classes like smartphone, smartwatch, tablets and connects your workers with machines, material and existing production systems like ERP, MES and IIoT.
connected worker for agile manufacturing
Analyze data for continuous improvements
All workflow steps generate data points that are automatically stored as event logs in the WORKERBASE system. You get actionable insights with analytics and reporting functions. With WORKERBASE, you can build your own dashboards or connect to third-party business intelligence tools, e.g. PowerBI, Kibana, Tableau. In addition, you can import the event log into third-party process mining tools or use WORKERBASE real-time workflows to directly turn data insights into actions on the shop-floor.
realtime data for agile manufacturing
Optimize based on real-time data
The collected data enables you to optimize your production in real-time. Our system uses AI-driven business rules to steer the production flow depending on the current situation. For example, machine incidents are automatically routed to the most suitable machine operator or replenishment requests are issued just at the right time without any worker intervention.
improve manufacturing with data
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Process automation for flexible operations

Dynamically coordinate all work processes to ensure optimal process execution.

Low-code Studio to build, publish and deploy dynamic workflows

Create or configure app-based workflows in days, not weeks or months.  Modify our pre-built workflow templates to create custom solutions for machine operation, assembly, maintenance, quality control or intralogistics.
workflow driven mes
agile workflows in mes

Continuously improve with real-time analytics

Realize continuous improvements based on real-time data. Collect data from all manual processes. Aggregate data and create new insights. Use the data to optimize processes in real-time. 

Connect 3rd party systems easily

Connect to 3rd party systems and databases through standard interfaces. Our Connected Worker platform is built on a scalable serverless microservice architecture. This includes an event-based system for data import and data export. The system follows a functions-as-a-service  architecure that allows flexible real-time bidirectional connections for any data format and connections like TCP, SOAP, HTTP, SAP, Oracle, MS SQL, OPC-UA, PLC Controllers and many more.
Learn more about our system integration capabilities.
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Generate the missing data for your process mining projects

A great amount of process mining projects that try to address shopfloor processes has failed because of the lack of critical data – WORKERBASE provides that data. With our Connected Worker Platform you create event logs from all manual work activities that can be used as input for process mining.
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Dynamic Process Execution Platform for the agile factory

All WORKERBASE app-based workflows use a common set of platform functions and share a common data backbone. This increases visibility and transparency across workflows and enables re-use of functionality across factories.
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Very short

The platform offers the greatest degree of flexibility with several pre-configured solution modules and the option to extend platform functionality with custom code.
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Reliable and

Our platform can reliably handle thousands of workflows and tasks every day. Using automatic scaling technology, it can easily cover any peaks in workload at large scale deployments and includes all features required for fine tuning to any operational requirements.
continuous improvements

full-scale deployments

The WORKERBASE platform is in daily 24/7 use at leading manufacturing companies of all sizes worldwide.
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Small screen but big impact - mobile devices for the connected worker

The WORKERBASE smartwatch was specifically designed for industrial settings. Its ruggedized form factor includes many functions optimized for the connected worker in the industrial IoT, e.g. an integrated barcode scanner or battery capacity for up to 6.600 instructions or 5.000 barcode scans per charge. The Industrial IoT Smartwatch seamlessly integrates with other mobile devices such as Smartphones or Tablets.

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