Deploy manufacturing apps to achieve immediate benefits

Realize immediate benefits

WORKERBASE has created an End-to-End platform for the Smart factory to create apps that solve business problems in manufacturing. Using our system you can update your legacy processes and realise immediate returns on your investment. Our customers have been able to generate substantial results using the WORKERBASE platform. Please click a section to learn more.

Solution examples

WORKERBASE breaks down the complex problems in manufacturing and logistics into small standalone apps that work on our wearable devices. Please find a selection of solution examples below.

Increase workforce efficiency

using wearables

The WORKERBASE platforms includes a Smartwatch specifically made for industrial settings and a lightweight Industry 4.0 Software platform. The platform is open by design and allows to integrate existing business systems and a range of hardware devices from a smart factory. As such, our platform is not limited to the use of smartwatches but can also integrate e.g. tablets or existing MDE devices.

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For every industry

Our solution is not limited to any industry or function. We can work in logistics just as well as in any kind of discrete production. Everywhere humans perform work, you are able to realize savings using the workerbase platform. Optimize with us before you invest into complex automation projects.

Increase your savings potential

Every application you deploy, provides you with direct benefits. And the more applications you deploy, the bigger your longterm benefits become.

Low effort to get started

We do not require you to replace your existing systems as we can work alongside your current infrastucture for as long as you like.

How WORKERBASE can help you

Just drop us a line and ask for anything with which you think we could be helpful. We are looking forward to hearing from you!