/ Increase flexibility

Digital processes to extend your production system

Benefit from real-time workflows on mobile devices. Enable the flexible organisation of manual work and increase the efficiency of your production processes, e.g. support calls, material management, machine alarms, data acquisition, quality assurance.

Alert operators
in real-time

Create an efficient way to indicate machine interruptions. Use smart devices and notify operators about machine status changes in real-time. Bring machine downtimes to a minimum. Send personalized workflows so that operators only receive alarms which are relevant for them. This speeds up task execution and ultimately leads to a higher OEE.
Increase asset utilization with the
Machine operation App Suite
Improve OEE
Agile processes in the smart factory

Enable the flexible organization
of manual work

Create kanban order with tablet or smartwatches and speed up material movement
Create real-time workflows to improve collaboration and reduce waiting times between process steps
Enable efficient data acquisition to improve quality inspections and measurements.
Improve collaboration with the
Connected Workplace App suite

Increase efficiency

Establish clear and direct communication channels to reduce waiting times and streamline work coordination.
Use automated alerts, escalation routines and competency-based job assignments to improve information flow along the value chain.
Create flexible processes to allow rapid responses to customer demands.
We uncover hidden potential with our
combined consulting and technology expertise
reduce waiting times

Extend your production system with digital solutions

Discover and resolve process bottlenecks on the shop-floor with digital processes. Flexibly react to changing customer requests and produce more variants in shorter time. React in real-time to disruptions in production.

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