/ Maintain operations and manage Covid-19 risks

Safer work in the era
of the Covid-19 pandemic

Mitigate Covid-19 risks in factories. Keep your production running. Deploy an agile production system to implement safe and flexible work routines, secure social distancing and track all human interactions to manage corona infection risks.
safer work in industry

Safe and flexible work

Deploy our agile production system to implement safe and flexible work routines. 
Digital checklists to maintain and improve hygiene, e.g. cleaning and disinfection guidelines.
Flexible shift planning and scheduling to cope with unforeseen events, e.g. digital workflows to monitor and respond to absenteeism at the workplace. 
Train your employees to perform essential tasks, so the factory can operate even if key employees are absent.
Digitize your shop-floor processes
for safe and flexible work
safe work during covid19
physical distancing

Secure social distancing

Replace paper-based processes with fully digital workflows on mobile devices to reduce physical interactions.
Remote guidance: Let people create and share instructions on the fly to help colleagues with video step-by-step instructions.
Remote gemba: Allow management to interact with shop-floor workers from remote. Provide relevant KPIs to remote offices and facilitate bi-directional communication.
Digital shift handover: Avoid meetings at shift changes. Let people fill out a digital checklist once they have finished a shift. All open items will automatically be transferred/delegated to the next shift.
Digital workplace: use smartphones to place material request and implement contact-less material delivery routines.
Digitize your shop-floor processes
to secure social distancing

Track human interactions to reduce infection risks

Track people, their activities and locations. Analyze all data to identify potential risks. Customize tracking levels and use anonymization features to comply with regulations (GDPR, workers council,...)
Explicit tracking: fast to implement without additional hardware investments. Employees track their location and interactions by scanning  barcodes with their personal smartphone.
Implicit tracking: track movement with a combination of software and hardware modules, e.g. bluetooth, BLE beacons, sensor fusion, GPS. The WORKERBASE system can integrate with all kinds of
3rd party location providers.
Digitize your shop-floor processes
to reduce infection risks
track interactions

Create a new normal for your production

Running manufacturing operations in the new corona reality can be a challenge. Maintaining production while keeping employee safety is a top priority. We help you separate team processes into individual tasks to ensure safe working conditions. Our agile production system can be configured to meet your individual needs.

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