Connected Worker platform to increase productivity

Connect employees and provide real-time insights to reduce machine downtimes, improve quality and increase throughput. Our Connected worker platform enables manufacturers to remove bottlenecks and turn data into action.
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Connected worker platform for future-proof operations.

The Connected worker is an integral part of a modern factory. Our low-code IIoT application platform for the connected worker improves productivity and empowers front-line workers to perform at their best.
Manufacturing in covid times


Empower employees for efficient work with manufacturing apps.


Extend your ERP, MES or other IIoT systems to enable real-time processes.


Collect real-time data for data-driven continuous improvements.


Leverage AI-based workflows for predictive operations.

Connected worker apps for improved productivity

The perfect agile manufacturing software toolbox.
Leverage our proven app solutions to turn lean manufacturing into agile manufacturing.
Deployment in only a few days for a fast Return on Investment.
Machine Operation App Suite
Machine Operation App Suite
Quality Control App Suite
Quality Control App Suite
Maintenance App Suite
Maintenance App Suite
Line Changeover App suite
Line Changeover App suite
Material Management App suite
Material Management App suite

Connect employees with the Industrial Internet of Things

With our Skill Management solution you focus on what matters most in Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things: your people. WORKERBASE provides skill-based work coordination and on-the-job training for efficient onboarding and upskilling. Empower your people to share insights, collect feedback and to solve problems in real-time.
Manufacturing in covid times
Agile manufacturing

Turn data into action

Get a comprehensive and visualized breakdown of all manual workflows with the Connected Worker platform. With increased transparency, you make quick and reliable decisions based on real time facts to implement continuous improvements.

Why agile manufacturing matters

machine downtimes

Increase OEE by shorter reaction times in case of machine downtimes
Use real-time data for continuous improvements
Produce more variants in shorter time with improved machine change overs


Remove bottlenecks by solving problems when they occur
Flexible routing, scheduling and load balancing based on real-time and historical data
Skill-based work organization and performance management


In-line quality inspections and data collection for early defect detection
Rapid correction of process parameters to reduce scrap
Optimize rework sequences to improve throughput
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