Drive Digital Transformation with Manufacturing Apps

WORKERBASE provides an End-to-End platform to solve business problems in manufacturing and logistics. Our Manufacturing Apps for the Industrial smartwatch improve manual work processes. All Manufacturing Apps can be modified for individual requirements and can connect to your existing line-of-business applications. The App Builder is an easy-to-use tool that lets you create your own apps with an intuitive interface without programming. Create your first app in only 15 minutes and integrate your existing line of business applications, e.g. ERP or MES systems. All data coming from the smartwatch will be collected in the WORKERBASE system for reporting and analytics.

Shopfloor IT and IoT

Connect applications, machines and IoT devices.


App Builder

Create Manufacturing Apps without programming.


Industrial Smartwatch

Improve manual work processes.


Reporting and Analytics

Analyze production data and gain insights.


Smartwatch for Industry

The WORKERBASE smartwatch was specifically designed for industrial settings. It has a ruggedized form factor and includes many functions optimized for industrial use like an integrated barcode scanner.

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reduced machine changeover time


reduced non-conformance costs


saved time through improved coordination

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Reference case: Using a smartwatch for shorter process runtime in manufacturing

Improve operational efficiency with Manufacturing apps

WORKERBASE uses wearable devices to make manual work in Industry4.0 more efficient. We offer apps for factory workers to improve a wide range of business problems in Manufacturing Operations, Logistics, Quality management, Service and Maintenance. With WORKERBASE you can manage all tasks for manual work and assign workflows to your workers. The system automatically collects all data and offers analytics capabilities for process improvements.

Reduce NCC for Quality management

WORKERBASE allows the efficient documentation of defects from a smartwatch. Increase your shop floor transparency and reduce non-conformance costs.

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Reduce waiting times in Logistics

Reduce waiting times and shorten lead times with the use of a smartwatch. Create ad-hoc replenishment workflows and eliminate intermediate stocks and safety stock levels.

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Improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Reduce setup times and machine downtimes. Improve machine availability to increase your overall equipment effectiveness.

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Improve collaboration and work coordination

Improve operational efficiency by providing accurate real-time information on a smartwatch. Make work coordination more flexible and realize an immediate return on investments.

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How WORKERBASE can help you

Just drop us a line and ask for anything with which you think we could be helpful. We are looking forward to hearing from you!