Industry 4.0 meets Wearables

WORKERBASE provides an End-to-End platform to solve business problems in manufacturing. The lightweight Industry 4.0 Software and the Industrial smartwatch allow to reshape your legacy processes and realize immediate returns on your investment.

Shopfloor analytics

All apps on our platform use the same data therefore allowing you to plug in a wide array of analytics applications.

Manufacturing apps

We break down the complex problems in manufacturing into small standalone apps that work on our wearable devices.

Industrial smartwatch

Learn more about the first smartwatch specifically made for industrial use

It’s easy to get started!

Step 1

Select starter package

Step 2

Select manufacturing apps

Step 3

Equip your workforce with devices

Realize immediate


Step 1 – Get started without large investments.

Try our system with the starter package. Realize instant returns in the first month: lower waiting times, lower error rates, lower inventory costs, higher productivity and shopfloor efficiency.

Step 2 – Adapt apps to your needs.

We provide a selection of lightweight apps instead of one monolithic solution. Our apps redefine how things are done and generate real-time data for increased process transparency. All apps can be configured to fit your individual requirements.

With WORKERBASE, you start by selecting pre-tested apps. You may want to adapt these apps to your needs with an easy-to-use configuration wizard. Existing business systems can be integrated via standard web interfaces.

Step 3 – Benefit from a universal way to access all information.

Equip your workforce with wearable devices for industrial use. Access all information and services at anytime, directly from the shopfloor. Generate real-time data for increased process transparency. Realize immediate benefits based on improved processes.

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How WORKERBASE can help you

We improve manual work in industry by using wearable devices. Our solution helps to remove paper-based processes, it makes manual work more efficient and prevents mistakes.

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