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First Smartwatch for industrial use

Industrial smartwatch
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Smartwatch for industry

Workerbase provides a rugged smartwatch (WB-3301) specifically designed for industrial use. The first Smartwatch for industry features many functions optimized for industrial settings like a smartwatch QR code scanner. Its ruggedized form factor with integrated bar code scanner allows for efficient usage on the shop floor.
The Workerbase smartwatch can only be procured in combination with the Workerbase Connected Worker software suite. The software allows to configure apps for industrial use in a web-browser without programming. The entire system is optimised for the integration with modern IoT infrastructures and includes required features for IoT in manufacturing like enhanced security, interoperability, reliability and is built to scale easily.
The Workerbase smartwatch for industry is a personalised device, meaning that workers get a personalised environment by logging in to the watch through a secure two-factor authentication mechanism. All smartwatches are built to support multiple shifts and can thus be interchanged between workers.
After logging in, users can use the Industrial smartwatch for many different kind of applications, e.g. in intralogistics, service / maintenance, SCADA, assembly or quality management. Industrial workflows can be triggered as apps to collect data, send information to co-workers or to call support. The integrated sensors of the smartwatch enable for efficient data acquisition e.g. by using the smartwatch QR code scanner or the integrated 8 megapixel camera. The smartwatch with camera can be used for taking pictures or video. All media will directly be sent to the Workerbase backend system for long-term archival or for integration to existing line-of-business applications.

Industrial device portfolio

Workerbase supports a broad range of industrial as well as standard mobile devices. The industrial smartwatch seamlessly integrates with all other mobile devices (Android, iOS) and supports multi-user multi-device workflows. All workflows are orchestrated by the Workerbase software.

Technical features of the Industrial Smartwatch

Qualcomm Snapdragon 212
A7 Smartwatch: Powerful ARM Cortex-A7 Quadcore CPU with 1,1GHz

8MP Camera
720p video recording in H.264 format

1GB RAM and 8GB Flash memory

Customized OS
Android6.0 based OS with enhanced security features and inbuilt device management functionality for industrial use

Barcode scanner
Industrial grade 2D and QR barcode scanner for all common barcode formats such as QR, DataMatrix, Code39, Code-128, …

Access management using NFC technology to provide identification management for industrial use.

Extension port
Full USB (Host mode) extension port for additional modules and external battery supply

Fast connectivity
WiFi 2.4GHz, 5GHz and Bluetooth 4.1

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