Increase quality with manufacturing apps

Eliminate quality root causes

Access and use digital quality checklists on your smartwatch to prevent errors.

Detect quality incidents

Integrated camera for efficient quality inspections with photo and video documentation

Capture errors

Select error codes from a predefined list to ensure all incidents are capture with the smartwatch inspection app.

The goods inspection app

How the quality management apps work

With the WORKERBASE quality apps, quality assurance workflows are provided on the smartwatch.

Create and configure quality apps

Create or configure the quality apps directly in the browser and integrate with existing quality management systems with REST APIs.

Orchestrate workflows

The WORKERBASEsystem then orchestrates all quality workflows

Assign tasks

Operators receive task assignments such as work instruction or quality inspections on directly on their smartwatch.

Quality management apps

Operators can also initiate quality apps for checklists or defect tracking to capture quality incidents with photo documentation.

Collect data for process improvements

All workflow data is collected and directly tracked or exported to existing quality management systems for monitoring quality metrics with real-time dashboards.

Features of the smartwatch for quality assurance

Scheduling of quality checks

Guided work instructions


Capture quality incidents

8 megapixel camera

Visual AppBuilder

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