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Quality apps for error proof operations

The WORKERBASE Smartwatch increases quality in manufacturing operations by identifying, solving and preventing quality incidents with manufacturing apps. Quality checklists, inspection routines and standard work instructions are accessible at any time on the wrist of operators. This allows efficient collection of quality data in real time and improves transparency about the root causes of quality issues.

The benefits of using a Smartwatch for Quality assurance:

Eliminate quality root causes

Digital quality checklists prevent errors

Detect quality incidents before they move downstream

Efficient quality inspections with photo and video documentation

Capture errors and solve root causes

The Smartwatch inspection app allows to select error codes from a predefined list. This ensures the efficient capturing of incidents which would not have been captured otherwise, e.g. small machine stops.

Features of the smartwatch for quality assurance

Guided Work instructions

Step-by-Step instructions on the smartwatch to guide operators and prevent quality incidents

Scheduling of quality checks

Flexibly assign quality checks to operators and alert them on the smartwatch, e.g. automatically in case of certain machine events, in 30 minutes intervals etc.


Prevent defects by ensuring operational processes are always done right

Capture quality incidents

Record quality incidents with audio, photo and video

Visual AppBuilder

Set up app-based quality inspection workflows in a web browser with the AppBuilder tool. There is no programming needed, simply select and modify pre-built user interface components

Goods inspection App

How the quality management apps work

With the WORKERBASE quality apps, quality assurance workflows are provided on the smartwatch. To fully utilize the WORKERBASE solution, the following steps need to be performed:

  1. Administrators create or configure the quality apps in the WORKERBASE If needed existing Quality management systems can be integrated through easy-to-set up REST APIs.
  2. The WORKERBASEsystem then orchestrates all quality workflows
  3. Operators receive task assignments on their Smartwatch, e.g. Guided work instructions or Regularly scheduled quality inspections.
  4. Operator can also start quality apps on their own, e.g. Checklist apps or Defect tracking apps to capture quality incidents with photo documentation
  5. All workflow data is collected in the WORKERBASEsystem and can be directly tracked or exported to existing Quality management systems. The monitoring of defined Quality metrics is possible through real-time dashboards.

Create and configure quality apps

With the App builder tool app-based quality workflows can be set up in the web browser. There is no programming needed, the visual tool provides an efficient way to create apps. External systems such as ERP or QMS can easily be integrated through REST APIs.

Orchestrate workflows

The powerful task management system allows the setup of business logic for quality workflows. For example, quality inspection can be scheduled regularly and can be assigned to defined user groups. By using WORKERBASE IoT connectors, external machine events can be captured. This allows the definition of certain trigger events, e.g. the assignment of quality inspection to a certain user group in case of a defined machine event. The WORKERBASE system takes care of the tasks orchestration based on the defined business rules.

Assign tasks

Operators receive task assignments from the WORKERBASE workflow management software. Tasks are either generated directly in the WORKERBASE system or are triggered from external Quality management applications. Operators accept or delegate tasks and provide instant feedback about the status of task.

Quality management apps

In addition, operators can start quality workflows on their own by selecting a quality app on their smartwatch. Examples include the Quality checklist app, Defect tracking app or Goods inspection app.

Collect data for process improvements

All workflow data is automatically stored in the WORKERBASE system. For example, the picture and values from the quality inspection app would be instantly transferred to theWORKERBASE system. You can access the data in real time to gain actionable insights by using the WORKERBASE analytics functions. Track process time to optimize work organization, monitor completion rates to detect process bottlenecks or identify quality defects to improve machine setup procedures.

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