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The agile manufacturing company

WORKERBASE is the agile manufacturing company that optimizes manual work in the Industry 4.0. Our Dynamic Process Execution software platform has been created after 18 months of research at the global R&D unit of a fortune 500 company. We have spent many days in factories talking to managers and workers and observing how human work is performed today and what is needed for the future of work in manufacturing. Now we help world-class Automotive & Machinery Manufactures to create the agile factory and enable flexible and sustainable production processes. We deliver value in months not years.
WORKERBASE is currently a team of 30 Industry 4.0 experts and backed by Venture Capital Funds and an excellent team of very experienced business angels. Read more about our recent Series A funding round.

Our vision

Manufacturing companies are operating in increasingly competitive markets with high volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. The dynamic environment requires businesses to make faster and better decisions if they are to remain competitive in the future. Current business practices and production systems often fail to provide the required agility. Thus manufacturing companies are faced with the risk of losing the basis of their core business: manufacturing processes that allow the cost-efficient production of goods that meet changing customer demand.
We believe the full potential of Industrie 4.0 and digitalization in manufacturing is rooted in accelerated decision-making and adaptive processes. This enables new levels of efficiency in engineering and production that in turn allow the implementation of new business models that meet changing market demand.
We enable faster decision-making and adaptive production processes that allow businesses to
produce more product variants in a shorter time with reduced costs
react faster to increasingly dynamic market requirements
develop new products faster and tailor the products to customer requirements
bring the products to market exponentially faster
implement new business models and realize new revenue streams

Our Agile manufacturing manifesto

We believe that the ability to respond to change in real-time can only be created if factories turn into agile factories. The agile factory is run on a new type of production system that unites machines, material and human workers into one digital platform.
We believe the agile factory is built on five enabling elements that build upon each other. The five elements enable flexible processes that are based on 100% real-time information and automatically adapt to changing conditions using advanced AI algorithms.


All elements of production feed into one ecosystem. Machines, humans, material and products are all connected through their digital twins finally providing a complete picture of the production process. Find out more about how you can use the WORKERBASE platform for connected machines, connected frontline workers, connected material and connected products.
Connectivity is the enabler for Industry4.0
realtime insights based on real-time data

Real-time data

When all aspects of the production are connected you get a complete view of the current status in realtime. You get a clear understanding of what is happening, why it is happening and how things relate to each other. Full visibility and transparency of the production process is the basis for faster decision-making processes and the enabler for all further optimizations.

Real-time optimization

A connected ecosystem with real-time data allows you to make optimizations without any assumptions or second guessing. Based on a system of AI-driven business rules, the WORKERBASE system collects data from all connected sources and steer the production flow in real-time depending on the current situation. This means incidents are automatically routed to the most suitable worker or replenishment requests are issued just at the right time without any worker intervention. You can design literally any kind of process.
relevant data for real-time optimization
Adaptable processes in Industry4.0


With radically changing buying behaviour and global disruptions such as the COVID pandemic or shortage of a wide range of materials, businesses need to be able to adapt to changing conditions quickly.
The faster an organisation can adapt to change, the greater the benefits. Typically, the root causes that require process adaptations are different and may be:
short-term: e.g. production line breakdown or supply chain disruptions
medium- to long-term: e.g. new product requirements that need modifications to the product design and to the underlying production process.
This means internal processes need to be streamlined in order to not cause any bottlenecks or delays. One of these typical bottlenecks is changeover procedures that are often unnecessarily time consuming. In many cases tasks in these processes can be parallelized which leads to drastically reduced durations. This in turn means the minimum viable lot size can be reduced and flexibility in meeting customer demand increases.

Self optimizing processes

Generating real-time data across all elements in the production flow and not only the machine data allows to make accurate predictions of the shopfloor status. By combining machine data with data captured from manual work processes you will be able to determine the end to end resolution times or incidents and dig deeper into root cause analysis. This means that production flow can also be forecasted. Based on historical data and your production plans you can start predicting utilization rates, likeliness of incidents occurring or expected yield rates and take preventive action early. Either let the system decide based on your business rules or alert any of your expert staff to investigate upcoming situations ahead of time.
Self-optimizing processes

The business value of a fully connected agile factory

The fully connected and real-time optimizing factory will produce not only higher yield but also cut any waste in the production processes. This ensures the highest level of value adding at any position in the production flow. Traceability is implicit, WIP is minimized as is material at station and workers jobs are streamlined to flow into one another without any waiting times. Even when things do not go according to plan, the adaptable production system will compensate automatically based on a system of AI-driven rules.
There is no need anymore for complex planning from A-Z, instead plans are automatically broken down into smaller segments that get connected to each other in real-time respecting the current circumstances. This approach brings you as close as possible to the optimal flow under any condition and in turn allows you to produce more variants in a shorter time with reduced costs.

What makes WORKERBASE unique?

Modern software architecture
Our services run on a modern event-based software architecture that allows for integration of any existing system.
Optimize before you automate
Instead of jumping directly to a full factory automation scenario you can easily harvest existing benefits by connecting human workers with digital tools.
Hardware and Software Platform
We do not stop at the software level but go the last mile to deliver an end-to-end platform that is optimized for your needs.
Using wearables to get work done
When equipped with the right software stack, wearable devices offer a strong unique interaction platform for the worker in factories.
Strong industry background
Our team brings a wealth of combined IT and manufacturing experience to craft state-of-the-art solutions for manufacturing problems.

The founding team

Our founding team has a combined experience of more than 30 years in IT, manufacturing, mobile and product development.
Norman Hartmann
Norman Hartmann has a broad background in Product Development and User Experience. He transforms visionary ideas into tangible products that are exceptionally easy to use. Prior to WORKERBASE, Norman was a Principal Expert for Mobile Computing at Siemens AG and a Principal Innovation Manager of Vodafone
Thorsten Krüger
Thorsten brings a strong Sales and Business Development background. Prior to WORKERBASE, he was Head of Research Group Mobile Computing at Siemens AG.
Hamid Reza Monadjem
Hamid has an extraordinary entrepreneurial mindset. He combines a deep and broad technical expertise in the IoT and Big Data domain with business experience as the founder of HAREMO IT Solutions GmbH.


Customer success 
is our success

We focus on our customers. We develop sustainable relationships, listen actively, and create solutions that empower our customers to even unleash undiscovered potential and have the most fitting solution for their needs.
We believe diversity drives innovation. We’re building a culture where difference is valued as we want to make a difference with our product and our people.
On eyes level
We want our business relationships with customers, colleagues, and partners to be on an equal footing. We value different perspectives and communicate openly.
We reduce complexity and strive for simplicity. It’s easy to layer on complexity, but achieving simplicity requires ruthless editing. The result is more than a solution as it is efficient, clear, easy to understand, and transferable to different situations. It can also be changed and adapted later.
people's lives
We are close to our users and create solutions that simplify work processes. The efficiency of manual processes gets enhanced significantly and therefore, empowers people’s lives.
We are accountable for our own work. Accountability means more than just doing our job. It includes an obligation to make things better, to pursue excellence, and promptly correct mistakes to the greatest extent possible.

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