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What makes WORKERBASE unique?

WORKERBASE is a platform to optimize manual work in Industry 4.0. It has been created after 18 months of research at the global R&D unit of a large conglomerate company active in the fields of industry, energy and infrastructure solutions. We have spent many days in factories talking to managers and workers and observing how work is performed today.
WORKERBASE is backed by Venture Capital Funds and an excellent team of very experienced business angels.
Modern software architecture
Our services run on a modern event-based software architecture that allows for integration of any existing system.
Optimize before you automate
Instead of jumping directly to a total automation scenario you can easily harvest existing benefits using our platform.
Hardware and Software Platform
We do not stop at the software level but go the last mile to deliver an end-to-end platform that is optimized for your needs.
Using wearables to get work done
When equipped with the right software stack, wearable devices offer a strong unique interaction platform for the worker.
Strong industry background
Our team brings a wealth of combined IT and manufacturing experience to craft state-of-the-art solutions for manufacturing problems.

The founding team

Our founding team has a combined experience of more than 30 years in IT, manufacturing, mobile and product development.
Norman Hartmann
Norman Hartmann has a broad background in Product Development and User Experience. He transforms visionary ideas into tangible products that are exceptionally easy to use. Prior to WORKERBASE, Norman was a Principal Expert for Mobile Computing at Siemens AG and a Principal Innovation Manager of Vodafone
Thorsten Krüger
Thorsten brings a strong Sales and Business Development background. Prior to WORKERBASE, he was Head of Research Group Mobile Computing at Siemens AG.
Hamid Reza Monadjem
Hamid has an extraordinary entrepreneurial mindset. He combines a deep and broad technical expertise in the IoT and Big Data domain with business experience as the founder of HAREMO IT Solutions GmbH.

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