Multi machine operation

Machine Operation App Suite

Multi machine operation and alarms for operating a machine park across larger distances. Saves times by alerting the worker faster. Assign machine alarms to operators in real-time to reduce machine downtimes.

Reduce unplanned and planned machine downtimes
Assign machine alarms to operators in real-time to reduce machine downtimes.

Increase overall equipment efficiency (OEE)
Reduce reaction times and improve machine operation processes

Increase visibility
Collect data for OOE analysis with Smartphone app

Efficient multi-machine operation for decreased downtimes

Easy-to-use mobile human machine interface on Smartwatch, Smartphone and Tablet.

Real-time HMI for machine alarms
Operators receive real-time alerts in case of critical events and guidance on which activities to perform next. Turn your standard operating procedures into dynamic work instructions and minimize machine downtimes! The WORKERBASE system can be integrated with existing SCADA applications or IoT devices, to form a modern SCADA HMI.

Machine Operation App Suite
Multi machine operation

Efficient multi-machine operation
Instead of placing workers next to the machine waiting for a problem to occur, operators reside in a central location where they have fast machine accessibility. Alarms are sent to operator’s Smartwatches or Smartphones ensuring an instant reaction time. This allows quick reactions, reduces machine downtimes significantly and improves the Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE).

Powerful visualization for actionable insights
With WORKERBASE analytics functions, you can visualize your most important multi machine operation KPIs such as OEE, reaction times, Mean-time-to-repair (MTTR). The systems provides preconfigured visualization capabilities, e.g. for Pareto charts to identify incidents and prioritize issue resolution.

How it works
Machine Operation App Suite
Use the WORKERBASE apps to solve any problem in manufacturing. Our configurable apps run out-of-the box and can be adjusted to meet your individual requirements. Click on the app icons to learn more.


Are you still using outdated technologies to alert your workers? Signal lights or centralized boards are an inefficient way to indicate machine interruptions. Machine failures are often not noticed in time because workers do not easily recognize the yellow / red lights attached to the machine. Several solution patterns have emerged to ensure machine uptime (e.g. machine supervision next to line, patrol rounds, etc.), usually requiring a large amount of staff or suffering from long incident detection times. By using smart devices, workers can be notified about machine status changes immediately. This allows quick reactions and reduces machine downtimes significantly. With personalized workflows, workers receive only alarms which are relevant for them. This speeds up task execution and ultimately leads to a higher OEE.

Machine Operation App Suite

How it works


Problem identification
The WORKERBASE software can directly connect to your machines through an easy-to-configure software interface. In case a machine problem is detected, the WORKERBASE software accepts a message from your machines or IoT infrastructure and sends an alarm message to the devices of your operators. In addition, our system can  handle incidents reported by human operators. It only takes the click of a button to send and distribute support requests.


Problem report
All operators receive the alarm on their personal devices, e.g. smartwatch, and can either accept, reject or postpone the task. After acceptance, the first operator who accepted the message, owns the task. He can then go to the machine to resolve the problem.


Resolve incident
The operator identifies the root cause and fixes the problem, if possible. In case needed, operators can send additional support requests to colleagues via their personal device.


Problem categorization
The operator can select the problem type from a list of problem sources on his device in order to document the issue. This enables a detailed root-cause analysis. WORKERBASE stores all values and can integrate with your existing line-of-business applications, e.g. send error codes to your MES.

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