Machine monitoring system

Maintenance App Suite

Efficiently manage maintenance tasks of any kind. Use our Maintenance App Suite for a digital machine monitoring system to reduce planned and unplanned machine downtimes with faster setup and maintenance workflows.

Increase throughput
Mobile workflows and alarms for maintenance and interruption handling

Increase overall equipment efficiency (OEE)
Speed up reaction times and improve maintenance processes with skill-based work coordination and real-time machine monitoring.

Increase visibility
Enable fast reporting and analysis of incidents with error reporting apps.

Real-time machine monitoring with mobile maintenance processes

Improve OEE through faster maintenance workflows.

Step-by-step maintenance instructions
- Create Standard operating procedures on mobile devices
- Guide maintenance staff through the process.

Maintenance App Suite
Machine monitoring system

Establish clear and direct communication channels
- Streamline coordination and execution of maintenance tasks
- Use automated alerts, escalation routines and competency-based job assignments to improve information flow across cross-functional teams

Maintenance apps for efficient material and tool delivery
- include material and tool requirements in mobile workflows to remove unnecessary motion and movement
- shorten mean-time-to-repair through improved collaboration and information flow

Example: Maintenance app


Inefficient maintenance processes typically result in
- Unforeseen events, e.g. high number of unplannedn machine downtimes
- Long waiting & reaction times
- Long walking distances
- Inefficient repair material handling
Extend your existing production system with our Maintenance App Suite for real-time machine monitoring to shorten response times, mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) and machine downtimes.

Maintenance App Suite

Example: Maintenance app


Error reporting
Allow staff to report incidents from any place with an error reporting app. Provide configurable lists with error type and route messages to defined target groups.


Alarm app
Create realtime machine monitoring and notify maintenance staff in case of downtimes.


Standard work instruction app
Create maintenance standard work procedure (SOP) to guide staff through repair and maintenance tasks.


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