Quality control process

Quality Control App Suite

Quality control processes that can be combined with the assembly line.

Error proof production
Ensure front-line workers do it right with digital standard operating procedures. Track and measure first pass yield along your value chain.

Real-time quality assurance
Inline quality inspections on mobile devices enable just-in-time quality approvals and allow to identify defects early on

Eliminate the root causes of defects
Follow up on reported quality defects and enable real-time coordination of improvement measures

Configurable apps for improved quality workflows

Customize our proven quality quality app templates to your individual needs.

Quality inspection with mobile devices
Frontline worker use their smartphone or tablet for a fully digital documentation. All data (checklists, text, audio, photos, videos) can directly be sent to third-party applications or suppliers and shipping providers.

Quality Control App Suite
Quality control process

Integrate machines and IIoT sensors
Connect your machines and IoT devices with WORKERBASE to identify quality incidents early on. By integrating devices such as IOT-enabled scales or temperature, pressure, humidity sensors, you get important quality data that can be used to control the process through the WORKERBASE rule engine.

Speed up corrective actions
Notify relevant staff and include photo and video messages. Use standard operating procedures on the smartphone for corrective actions.

Example: Quality app
Quality Control App Suite
Use the WORKERBASE apps to solve any problem in manufacturing. Our configurable apps run out-of-the box and can be adjusted to meet your individual requirements. Click on the app icons to learn more.


Extend your existing production system with our Quality control App Suite and ensure high-quality of produced goods.

Quality Control App Suite

Example: Quality app


Defect tracking app
Enable fast quality defect tracking, reduce defects and correct them before they move downstream.


Goods inspection app
- Do a fully digital documentation process using the built in camera to shoot pictures and/or videos.
- Directly associate images with orders
- Immediately notify suppliers and shipping
providers with automated complaint workflows


Quality checklist app
- Checklists on smartphone where staff can enter anything from preselected texts to rich media like video documentation.
- Checklists can easily be customized with a web browser to create customized checklists


Powerful visualization for actionable insights
With WORKERBASE analytics functions, you can build Pareto charts to identify incidents and prioritize issue resolution.

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