Connected Workers produce better results

Automated Issue Management

Setup your custom workflows to automate issue resolution

Realtime overview of your operations

Investigate disruptions and adjust your detailed planning in realtime 


Performance reports of historical events help you uncover optimization potential

How to get started?

Connecting your frontline workforce requires only minimal setup

Digital Workinstructions and SOP

Workerbase Find ℠ is the central access point for all information. Digital workinstructions can be attached to any asset or location and get assigned based on the individual worker’s skills.

Data collection with Forms and Checklists

You can import your existing Word, Excel or PDF documents and they will instantly be turned into interactive forms and checklists. 

Knowledge Management

Tribal knowledge from your most experienced workers is captured as text or video and serves as the basis for online trainings of new staff. 

Issue Management

Workflows for issue management are freely configurable and allow you to dynamically route issues to the right people based on their skills and experience, location and availability.

Trainings and workforce education

Workerbase also coordinates all Trainings On The Job and ensures that people truly learn skills in the amount of time you can afford. All learning is automatically orchestrated by the system with guaranteed results.

Indefinitely extendible with Apps

Workerbase is the only Connected Worker Platform that includes a full featured low-code app builder and allows you to independently customize the functionality of the system. Apps can be combined into rich workflows that allow you to precisely map all of your production processes.

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  • Connect workers with industrial grade smart devices
  • Integrate your ERP and MES systems for a holistic view
  • Track progress and visualize work as it happens