Streamline logistics operations.

Provide your intralogistics team with connected worker apps, ensuring smooth material handling, efficient workflows, and optimal resource allocation.

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Increase order fulfillment, reduce lead times and improve inventory accuracy

Use real-time data to ensure materials are always available, minimizing delays, and keeping production running
Optimize forklift operations with real-time data insights and coordinated workflows
Enable efficient picking and kitting to ensure tasks are completed accurately and swiftl

Efficient intralogistics procedures with Connected Worker apps

With Workerbase’s app bundle for intralogistics, you prevent bottlenecks and keep things flowing along the chain smoothly – transforming your material handling and resource coordination processes. Keep sight of inventory levels to eliminate overstocking and shortages.

Prevent disruptions caused by material shortages and delays

Our Connected Worker apps are flexible enough to suit your specific quality needs and work harmoniously together in a one-stop-shop solution. Whether you start with a single app for one assembly work station or configure multiple workflows for all assembly lines, we get you up and running swiftly so you can immediately benefit from digital assembly workflows.

Material Replenishment

Ensure timely availability of materials by utilizing real-time material calls to request replenishment when needed

Digital Kanban

Digitize your Kanban process, ensuring automated material replenishment and real-time visibility into material usage

Support Call

Enable operators to request immediate support, ensuring efficient issue resolution and minimal production interruptions.

Picking & Kitting

Streamline picking and kitting processes with guided instructions, minimizing errors and optimizing productivity.

Packing instructions

Ensure accurate assembly and packaging of materials for accurate order fulfillment

Forklift Coordination

Coordinate forklift operations in real-time, optimizing routes, and minimizing wait times.


Enable new operators to onboard fast and seasoned operations to adapt quickly. Make complex assembly processes easy to ensure consistent output.

What you get from our Logistics apps

Enhanced Material Availability

Real-time replenishment and digital Kanban ensure materials are readily available, minimizing delays and optimizing production schedules.

Efficient Resource Utilization

Streamlined forklift coordination and task execution lead to optimized resource allocation and reduced idle times.

Accelerated Task Completion

Picking & Kitting guidance ensures tasks are executed efficiently, promoting overall workflow speed and reducing non-conformance costs

Minimized Disruptions

Real-time support calls and guided task execution contribute to a seamless and uninterrupted intralogistics process.

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