Skill & Training Management

Solve the labor shortage challenge

Ensure the skills of your workforce meet current and future needs. Automate on-the-job training and use a digital skill matrix for targeted onboarding and upskilling programs.

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Comparison to traditional systems

Supercharge your production with skill & training management

Using traditional system
  • Lack of visibility about the available skills and the skills needed in a fast changing market situation
  • Missing or insufficient onboarding of new employees
  • Lack of development of employees’ skills to meet future requirements
Using Workerbase
  • Live overview of available skills and their utilization based on actual skill usage
  • Training on-the-job with new employees automatically getting matched with skilled workers
  • Skills matrix and target management to optimize training programs

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  • Connect workers with industrial grade smart devices
  • Integrate your ERP and MES systems for a holistic view
  • Track progress and visualize work as it happens

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Digital Work Instructions

Transform cumbersome paper-based instructions into efficient, interactive media accessible on any device.

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Forms and Checklists

Collect production data in real time. Attach forms to assets and automatically execute them periodically.

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Knowledge Management

Capture your most valuable operational knowledge to avoid knowledge drain when employees leave or retire.

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Quick Access

Give access to the documents, data, and applications needed, right where they are needed.

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Issue Management

Transform how production problems are addressed, providing streamlined communications and real-time overviews for efficient issue resolution.

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Workflow Automation

Turn any process into a dynamically executed, data-driven workflow based on real-time information.

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No-Code Editor

Empower flexibility with a no-code approach, enabling easy app development, rich media integration, and efficient version control.

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Reporting & Dashboards

Use real-time dashboards to monitor current operations and pinpoint process inefficiencies

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Seamlessly integrate with production machines and business systems, or develop custom connectors for any third-party system.

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