Connected Workers increase throughput in Automotive

Connect your frontline workers to enable preventive actions in realtime. Act on disruptions as an when they occur and reduce belt stops by up to 50%.

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Just-in-time digital workflows to increase throughput in the automotive industry.

Increase vehicle throughput with targeted coordination of tasks based on real-time information
Reduce quality costs with
just-in-time sequence
processes that enable early
identification of defects and
quality problems
Improve worker productivity by speeding up communication across all production lines

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Connected Worker Apps for vehicle production

Experience the future of automotive production with Connected Worker Apps. Seamlessly adapt and optimize work processes in real-time, whether you’re supplying parts or assembling vehicles.

From tackling material shortages to managing high product variants, our Connected Frontline Worker apps boost efficiency and ensure just-in-time digital workflows that drive improved throughput.

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Digital checklists

Drive operational excellence: continuous

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Your factory. Without disruptions.

Increase throughput

Reduce quality costs

Improve productivity

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Platform functions designed for the automotive industry

Task automation

Workerbase automatically orchestrates tasks based on real-time data. Workflows are triggered without manual intervention when the previous phase is completed.

Task assignment

Workerbase automatically assigns tasks to the right person in case of process disruptions, e.g. missing material at the assembly line. Critical tasks receive attention when needed.


Workerbase automatically alerts staff when action is needed, e.g. if a vehicle needs rework, the platform informs the driver that car movement is needed.

Escalation levels

Workerbase automatically moves a task to the next escalation level if it’s not picked up and needs urgent action.


Workerbase automatically assigns a task to someone more suited. All delegation rules can be adjusted to meet custom needs.

Team coordination

Our digital workflows facilitate efficient team processes, e.g. best practise sharing, Andon support calls, One-point lessons

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Identify areas for continuous improvements

Connect your operators to your existing production system.Leverage real-time data to identify areas of improvement and uncover the source of errors so you can create optimized production processes. Workerbase connects to your existing ERP, MES and other systems and allows you to build a common data layer for improvements. Think of it as a beautiful front-end for the scattered chunks of information you have housed in various IT tools.

React in real-time to quality issues

Missing parts or quality issues are collected just in-sequence and necessary workflows are triggered in real-time to decrease waiting times. With this efficient inline data acquisition, you’re able to accelerate quality and rework processes and eliminate non-value-adding activities.
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