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Enhance efficiency and precision in your assembly operations with connected worker apps.

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Seamless, error-free production with digital assembly workflows

Optimize assembly workflow
by guiding workers
step-by-step, reducing errors
and ensuring consistent
product quality
Conduct audits on-the-go, instantly identify deviations, and take corrective actions to maintain top-tier quality standards.
Achieve full traceability by digitally tracking each component`s journey through the assembly process, from start to finish.

Flawless assembly processes with Connected Worker apps

Minimize waste, reduce inefficiencies, and elevate your
overall assembly performance.
Our app bundle equips your assembly teams with the
digital tools they need to ensure seamless, error-free
production – driving operational excellence and
delivering top-quality products for your business.

Bye-bye cumbersome paper instructions. Hello agile digital assembly workflows.

Our Connected Worker apps are flexible enough to suit your specific assembly needs and work harmoniously together in a one-stop-shop solution. Whether you start with a single app for one assembly work station or configure multiple workflows for all assembly lines, we get you up and running swiftly so you can immediately benefit from digital assembly workflows

Work Instructions

Ensure Precision with step-by-step workflows that guarantee accurate assembly, reduce errors and minimize rework.


Enable new operators to onboard fast and seasoned operations to adapt quickly. Make complex assembly processes easy to ensure consistent output.

Audit checklists

Conduct real-time quality assurance audits to verify assembly correctness and instantly identify deviations.

Continuous Improvement

Monitor and interpret audit data to uncover actionable insights you can implement as process enhancements to optimize your assembly line.


Achieve complete transparency by digitally tracking components throughout the assembly process, ensuring accountability and compliance.

…and more!

Use the Workerbase platform as a blank canvas to configure
any workflow you need with complete flexibility.

What You Get from Our Assembly apps

Efficiency Boost

Significant reduction in assembly errors and rework result in enhanced productivity and reduced operational costs.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Workload between machine operators is automatically distributed. Notifications are only sent to relevant people.

Seamless Compliance

Ensure adherence to quality standards and regulatory requirements, mitigating risks and safeguarding your brand reputation.

Accelerated Onboarding

Speed up new employee onboarding and skill development with guided work instructions, thereby boosting the knowledge, confidence and motivation of your saff.

Quick fix

Swiftly identify and address any irregularities, ensuring product integrity.

5S Checklists

Maintain an organized and efficient assembly environment through regular 5S checklists.

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