Future-proof Connected Worker Platform

Digitally Connected Workers perform up to 50% better than workers left behind in the analog world.

Future-proof Connected Worker Platform

We connect people, data and processes to break down communication barriers

Analog Worker

Face-to-face, paper-based communication
Information on paper and blackboards
Paper tasks, verbal assignment
In-person training and knowledge sharing
Manual checks, paper reporting
Time-consuming problem-solving
Manual maintenance scheduling
Manual quality inspections
Periodic manual reporting
Location-limited collaboration with siloes

Connected Worker

Instant, digital communication
Real-time, digital access to information
Digital tasks, real-time progress tracking
Digital training paths, on-the-job guidance
Real-time monitoring, alerts and reporting
Quick, remote expertise when you need it
Predictive, IoT-enabled maintenance
Real-time monitoring and analytics
Real-time, customizable dashboards
Digital, cross-functional collaboration

Connected Worker benefits

Gain transparency of your shopfloor
Capture and analyse results to dig deeper into operational inefficiencies, and uncover proactively insights on how to fix them
Reduce waste and cut quality costs
Plan work and give workers the tools to efficiently execute tasks and get things right - the first time around
Streamline compliance and audit processes
It takes one click to generate audit-ready reports, pull traceable digital documentation and show standard operating procedures
Collaborate intelligently across roles and sites
Collaborative problem-solving and best practice sharing, so the same mistake doesn't ever happen twice

Workerbase Connected Worker features

Digital work instructions
Digital Andon
Shift handover
Issue reporting
Customizable real-time dashboards
Digital checklists
Customizable, auditable reports
Document versioning and publishing
Best practice and knowledge sharing
Bill of materials
Digital access to work orders
Task scheduling
Work order management
Changeover instructions
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Why Workerbase?

Infinitely scalable
Start with your most pressing use case today, roll it out in a matter of weeks. Scale as quickly as you need without the need for a complex, top-down IT project
Flexible workflow execution
We're the only Connected Worker platform flexible enough to adapt completely to your processes, your data structure, and your production infrastructure
Out-of-the-box solution
We are a fully customizable, mobile-enabled Connected Worker platform with a powerful suite of ready-to-use apps
Universally compatible
Workerbase integrates seamlessly into your existing infrastructure to act as an intuitive interface for your machine data, ERP, MES and more

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