Digital Andon System

Get transparency on your operations and manage incidents and support requests on your shopfloor with up to 47% more efficiency compared to traditional andon light systems.

Digital Andon System

Get transparency on your operations and manage incidents and support requests on your shopfloor with up to 47% more efficiency compared to traditional andon light systems.

How Digital Andon impacts your production

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Pre-configured Andon apps


Shorter response times


Minutes set-up time


Workflows per day

Comparison to traditional systems

Supercharge your production with digital Andon

Traditional Andon light systems

Activates with a push of a button
Notifications are only perceived if employees are in proximity
Message personalization not possible
Escalation routines not available
Delegation routines not available
Complex installation as wiring is needed
Long response times

Digital Andon

Activates with a push of a button
Messages are instantly received
Messages are received even if employees are out of sight
Multiple employees can be notified at once with a personalized message
Escalation routines if no response is received
Delegation routines if recipient can not act
Easy to install and configure
Shortens time to response
Reduces downtime costs
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The definitive guide to digital Andon

Increase throughput
Shorten response times
Improve OEE
Boost productivity
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What you get from using digital Andon

Shorter response times
Tasks get assigned to the right person at the right time based on configurable business rules. This skill-based distribution reduces response times drastically.
No more multiple people going after the same issue
Workload between service staff is automatically distributed. Notifications are only sent to relevant people.
Clear and consistent reporting
Andon calls can provide detailed information for precise issue reporting, exceeding conventional push buttons, such as 'Missing material', 'Amount: 50', 'Type: Broken shafts', and 'Charge: 2364'.
Fully integrated digital environment
The Workerbase Andon system work wirelessly and integrates with existing machines and systems (ERP, MES and others).

Example workflow

The Workerbase platform is an event driven system, that allows to map any kind of workflow in a simple 3 step process.
Event Source
Events can be captured from a wide array of sources. They can originate from machine data connected to the system, from actions of the staff or be timer based. The event sources are freely extendable with new system connectors or even more complex functions.
When an event occurs, a range of conditions have to be met in order for an action to get triggered. The conditions can be constructed using simple AND/OR logic and a wide range of data points such a user’s location, previous events’ data or machine data.
Workerbase supports a wide range of actions once an even gets triggered, for example: start a new task for a worker or a group of workers. The task is then sent to the staff based on conditions such as people’s location, skill, availability or area of responsibility. Workerbase sends data back to other systems, sends emails, writes to a database and executes any user-defined functionality (serverless functions).

Digital Andon for the agile factory

Industrial leaders use Workerbase`s digital Andon apps to adapt their production in real-time by connecting factory workers and machines into one digital environment
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Rolling out a digital Andon system is simple with Workerbase

The Workerbase Andon system can be setup in several ways to fit your individual situation. It can work as a standalone cloud based system without the need to do any integration with your existing IT systems, or you can fully integrate it into your infrastructure. Configuring the frontend and business rules is typically done in less than a day and you can connect your existing IT systems using the powerful Workerbase data connectors.
Use any hardware
The Andon system runs on various hardware, including existing industrial PCs (Windows/Linux), Android workstations/tablets, and iOS devices.
Integrate with buttons
Connect button-based systems or deploy dedicated IIOT pushbuttons. You can set up dedicated hardware for each workstation or group, based on shopfloor layout.
Decide your integration level
The Andon system can run autonomously or fully integrated. Typical installation connects devices via Ethernet/WiFi or bypasses shopfloor network using 4G.
Make sure things get done
In the initial version of your Andon system, set up rules for managing alerts to support staff in minutes. Send alerts based on skills, location, availability, or to groups of people.
Easy integration
Connect input/output systems easily with Workerbase System Connector framework. Connect any foreign system, mixing/matching data based on existing system requirements - without the need for integration projects with suppliers.
Intuitive user interface
Flexibly configure the user’s frontend experience und set up the incident reporting hierarchy in minutes. An intuitive user interfaces ensures you can gather all the data you need.
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Workerbase is highly customizable. Our Low-code App Builder allows you to tailor the platform to your organization's specific needs, from workflows to user interfaces. We understand every production site has its own requirements - and you need a one-stop-shop platform without having to provide a one-size fits all solution.
Workerbase is compatible with a wide range of smart devices and operating systems - including smartwatches, mobile handheld devices and tablets.
Workerbase is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing systems, including ERPs such as SAP, CRMs, production machines, and more.
Getting started with Workerbase is simple - you can be rolling out your first digital production workflow in just a few weeks. However easy it is, we offer comprehensive support and training so you get the most out of our platform. Our resources include documentation, webinars, and dedicated support teams.
We offer a trial period and personalized demos to give you firsthand experience with Workerbase's capabilities. Contact us to request a tailored demo and see how our solutions can transform your operations.