Multi machine operation

Machine alarm

Andon lights, audio signals or centralized boards are an inefficient way to indicate machine interruptions. The Machine alarm app running on smartwatch or smartphone provides an efficient digital way to indicate machine failures. Operators receive alerts directly on their personal device and can directly start with corrective actions.

Your benefits

Mobile alerts to reduce unplanned and planned machine downtimes
Assign machine alarms to operators in real-time to reduce machine downtimes.

Increase overall equipment efficiency (OEE)
Reduce reaction times and enable efficient multi-machine operation.

Increase visibility
Collect data for OOE analysis with smartphone app.

How it works

Connect machines

Connect your machines through standard protocols like OPC UA, REST and more.


Send alert

WORKERBASE receives a message from connected machines or systems and sends an alarm to the devices of your operators. The system offers advanced alerting and messaging functions like group messages, delegation or escalation routines. The Machine alarm app runs on the WORKERBASE smartwatch and standard Android and iOS phones.

Resolve incident

The operator identifies the root cause and fixes the problem, if possible. In case needed, operators can send additional support requests to colleagues. All data is collected in the WORKERBASE system and is ready for advanced analytics and KPI dashboards, e.g. OEE dashboards.



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