Quality control process


Manual coordination of rework can lead to congestions and reduced daily output. Consecutive problems are hard to compensate. Human coordination cannot take into account all parameters and forecast all work station’s utilization. Very often, spareparts are missing when rework stations are free. The Rework app enhances rework processes by immediate collection of quality data and real-time coordination of all required work steps.

Your benefits

Fix problems early on
Certain types of defects can be fixed early on, e.g. directly at the belt, using real-time coordination of specialist teams.

Enable flexibility
Allow flexible actions by reacting in real-time to unforeseen delays and adjust the process immediately.

Get smart recommendations
Patterns in data as well as historical information about root causes and their solution fit can accelerate the rework process.

How it works

Worker identifies a defect

The operator launches an app that offers the possibility to select parts that need to be reworked. It also allows tracking the distribution and frequency of defects.


Scan Barcode

Worker scans a barcode attached to the product. The systems then automatically stores all data to track the product defects.

Defect identification

The app presents a list for defect selection. All lists are configurable and can include texts, numeric values or pictures. All list values can be imported from connected systems like ERP or quality systems.


Defect selection

The operator selects the affected area from the list.

Comment or Help

The operator can comment on defects to describe the defect more precisely. In case help is needed, the operator can create support requests. The request are sent to the mobile devices of a pre-defined target group.


Defect Overview

All defect data is automatically stored in the WORKERBASE system. The data can be accessed through dashboards or can be integrated and sent to other business systems, e.g. ERP, Quality or BI applications.

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