Migrating to SAP S/4 HANA or Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Meet all the requirements of an agile
shopfloor without touching anything
in your ERP system

Migrating to SAP S/4 HANA or Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Workerbase is the layer of flexibility that makes standardized ERP and MES 
systems work for the shopfloor

Gain speed
Increase flexibility
Scale infinitely
Mitigate disruptions
Gain speed
Increase flexibility
Scale infinitely
Mitigate disruptions

Mind the ERP gap!

When you're under time pressure to meet implementation deadlines, it can be tricky to accurately capture all the production requirements. This means that too often, migrations to standardized cloud ERP and MES systems result in less functionalities for the shopfloor- not more. You previously had a system that was heavily customized over decades, and suddenly, you've got to define and build your production processes all over again.

There's a better way.

Transform with confidence

Keep existing processes and data structures
Don’t change processes to suit static ERP and MES
solutions. Make them flexible
enough to meet the needs of
your frontline workers
Customize production workflows in minutes
One digital platform to build and execute all your production
workflows instead of decades
of ERP customization and
countless software licenses
One source of truth
Turn data into process
improvements with real-time
information from machines, systems and workers, visualised
in one intuitive frontend
Start small, scale fast
It take just weeks to get your
first lines working with Workerbase. Fulfill the most pressing needs now, discover unlimited possibilities to grow
Avoid business disruptions
Assess and address all connections within the overall integration architecture as a buffer against the risk of delays, cost increases and missed opportunities

Ready to try?

It takes just weeks to get your first line using Workerbase. Request a non-biding, personalised demo today!


Workerbase is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing systems, including ERPs such as SAP and Dynamics 365, as well as CRMs, production machines, and more.
Getting started with Workerbase is simple - you can be rolling out your first digital production workflow in just a few weeks. However easy it is, we offer comprehensive support and training so you get the most out of our platform. Our resources include documentation, webinars, and dedicated support teams.
We offer a trial period and personalized demos to give you firsthand experience with Workerbase's capabilities. Contact us to request a tailored demo and see how our solutions can transform your operations.