Looking for a Shopfloor Copilot?

The Workerbase Shopfloor Copilot is the powerful generative AI companion designed to assist frontline workers, managers and executives. Embrace a new reality of human-machine collaboration, where intelligence is shared, not isolated.

The fusion of human and artificial intelligence powers true productivity

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Guide operators with actionable advice
Generate reports instantly
Understand what’s happening

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What can the Shopfloor Copilot do?

Provide actionable advice

Summarize and personalize content to guide operators. Answer questions and provide contextual guidance

Accelerate content creation

Create customized reports, generate shift handover logs, and develop improvement proposals in just a few clicks

Simplify data analysis

Stop fighting fires and proactively uncover bottlenecks and areas for improvement – before they start costing the business

Speed up innovation

Build new digital processes and scale Connected Worker apps to new factory areas in days, not years.

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