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Connect your assembly line workers to increase throughput

Once your machines and your human workforce get connected into one smart factory ecosystem you can optimize your operations based on an accurate real-time status of your production.

Fully digital and standardized work
Using standardized work procedures on digital devices help you ensure consistent quality and reduces onboarding times for your new employees.

Coordinate production in real-time
Identify process bottlenecks when they occur. Utilize forecasts of your production status to coordinate work sequences in the most efficient way.

Continuously improve with real-time data
Optimize your setup based on real-time data to reduce disruptions, improve material flow and increase throughput.

Create a realtime digital picture of your assembly lines

By equipping every workstation with a digital touchpoint, you will be able to observe your production status in realtime. This allows you to plan ahead in consecutive areas such as quality control and rework. While machines are typically already connected, you can only obtain an accurate picture of your factory’s status if you include your manual operations. With all information at hand you will be able to identify bottlenecks in your processes when they occur and make forecasts of your production status and individual workstation’s current and future capacity. You will also be able to detect quality issues when they occur and take preventive action immediately.
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digital workflows in the smart factory

Equip your workers with the right kind of device

From utilizing PCs or Tablets mounted at a workstation to equipping your workers with mobile devices like Smartphones, Smartwatches or Smartglasses – WORKERBASE supports any device. Existing hardware such as connected screwdrivers, pick-to-light systems, RFID and light gates, SPS/PLCs or any kind of other connected device can easily be added to the WORKERBASE platform allowing you to build fully seamless workflows. Keep your workers hands-free and use the best device for the job from 65” touchscreens to simple click buttons.

Add full flexibility to your production flow

Using the WORKERBASE AppBuilder and dynamic workflow management, changes to your production flow can be rolled out in an instant. Instead of complex end-to-end planning, every step in the WORKERBASE system is independently organized. This allows you to safely make changes and because of the unique design how WORKERBASE schedules jobs for the frontline workers, the resulting workflows become self optimizing. When adding in dedicated AI modules, your production flow can be optimized based on all available real-time data available achieving results that go far beyond what you can achieve with traditional static planning.
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digital workflows in the smart factory

Digital work instructions guideline

Download our digital work instruction solution guideline.

Ensure your workforce operates at highest efficiency levels

Keep your workforce perfectly prepared for their jobs from on-the-job training for new starters to organizing your operations based on micro-level skills. WORKERBASE uses a system of skills that describe the requirements of all assembly stations. By having each worker maintain their skill profile and constructing training programs which allow workers to extend their skills, your whole workforce becomes more versatile and reacting to changing market conditions is no longer a challenge. Every employee has their unique set of training opportunities that are typically constructed as a combination of digital trainings and offline sessions with more experienced colleagues. Training sessions can be automatically scheduled by the system based on employee and trainer availability.

Material management and line balancing

Pairing the WORKERBASE Assembly module with other modules enables more advanced functions such as material management and line balancing. Once you add in the Changeover module, you will be able to automatically balance your lines and optimize for the most efficient configuration. This can be done on all or just parts of your available lines and takes into account changeover times, tools required and previous yield rates of your lines. With the logistics module added on top, your line configuration and material supply will be able to run on auto-pilot, by e.g. automatically assigning tasks to forklift drivers.
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Explore the WORKERBASE apps for assembly

How digital tools add value in assembly

Increase throughput: Identify bottlenecks and process errors to streamline flow. Provide a real-time picture of status and enable the ability to plan ahead.
Empowers operators: Assign work based on context and skills. Free supervisors from mundane tasks. Provide training on the job and enable job rotation.
Optimize material flow: Enable just-in-time provisioning of material at station.
Flexible setup: cell, line or belt setup, fixed or flexible routing, integration with hardware (e.g. screwdriver), can use any device (tablet or mobile).
Reduced disruption times: Ad hoc problem solving with Digital Andon for lowest disruptions times.
Drive standardization and reduce quality costs: Implement standard work. Collect tribal knowledge from operators to build up knowledge base.
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