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Connect your operators to keep your machines running at highest efficiency levels

Quickly sending machine alarms to your operators and service staff is an essential enabling component to operate machines at high efficiency levels. Using dynamic work coordination for machine changeover and maintenance you can increase the utilization rate of your staff by 20%-50%.

Reduce unplanned and planned machine downtimes
Assign machine alarms to operators in real-time to reduce machine downtimes.

Increase overall equipment efficiency (OEE)
Reduce reaction times and improve machine operation processes.

Increase visibility
OEE analysis with mobile devices to collect datapoints directly at the machine.

Connect your machines in an instant

The WORKERBASE connector framework allows you to connect any kind of machine or system. Whether you want to connect to the machine’s PLC controller directly, use an IOT gateway or send alarms by email or out of your MES system, we support any kind of connection mechanism and protocol. Connections are bi-directional and you can send acknowledgements or repair results to your existing systems as long as there is any kind of interface available. We can also support you in finding options for retrofitting smart sensors onto your old machines in order to build a complete digital landscape of your factory.

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digital workflows in the smart factory

Send realtime alerts to your service staff and increase OEE

Ensuring that any machine failure is detected and immediately send to your service technicians is a very effective way to increase your OEE. Each  alert sent your staff reduces machine downtime effectively. Your workers get equipped with digital devices such as Smartwatches or Smartphones and you will start saving precious time from day one. Only by sending alerts to your service technicians, you can expect to decrease your machine downtime anywhere from 5%-40% (based on previous results from our customers).

Realtime machine alarms to improve OEE

Alert your operators in real-time on smartwatch or smartphone and directly initiate corrective actions. Download our Machine alarms guideline to get a summary of the required steps to set up the WORKERBASE system for real-time machine operations.

Machine alarms guideline

Download our Machine alarms solution guideline.

Digitally coordinate machine operators and service technicians to gain additional efficiency

In many service scenarios, operators are only dealing with a limited set of machines every day. If the lines in their area of responsibility are operating without disruptions, the operator’s time can be dedicated to other tasks. Depending on their skill level, they can jump in to help service other lines or fulfil recurring tasks such as refilling material or conducting inspection runs. By strategically developing the skill set of your staff, you ensure that you always have enough capacity to handle any kind of disruption in time, even if your primary people are not available.
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Machine changeover guideline

Download our Machine changeover solution guideline.

How to speed up a typical changeover process?

In our Machine changeover solution guideline we outline the basic principles of how to speed up machine changeover processes. Get the guideline with a customer example where we streamlined the critical path of machine changeover activities.

Use predictive maintenance technology to notify your operators ahead of machine failures

Machine disruptions can be predicted in a multitude of ways. WORKERBASE can enhance your prediction quality by adding data from human operations. Tracking the time and nature of repair on top of the basic failure data greatly increases the accuracy of your predictions. By monitoring critical machine parameters combined with human generated data, you can alert your service staff before disruptions occur and prevent machine failure.
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digital workflows in the smart factory

Collect tribal knowledge and strategically develop the skills of your workforce

In many manufacturing operations today, tribal knowledge is still the foundation of efficient day to day operations. If this know-how is not captured in a structured way, you are introducing significant risks onto your production abilities. The global pandemic has shown that large groups of your workforce may become unavailable from one day to the next with your essential know-how being contained in a few critical individuals. WORKERBASE allows to easily capture the tribal know-how with editing tools for frontline workers. Recording a video, annotating it and making it available in a central knowledge base is functionality that is available out of the box with all systems. Once you have captured your valuable know-how, you can construct training schedules for your employees to gradually increase the skill level of your frontline operators.
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Explore the WORKERBASE machine operation apps

How our machine operation apps add value to your factory

Improve overall equipment efficiency (OEE): Shortened reaction times result in increased machine uptime.
Increase transparency: OEE analysis based on real-time data.
Speed-up machine changeover time: Organize changeover processes in parallel to speed-up machine changeover and setups.
Improved communication: Automated alerts and escalation routines improve information flow across cross-functional teams.
Optimal allocation of work: Ensure a job is always done by a staff member with the right skillset.
Provide digital training: Help operators do a good job by providing step-by-step work instructions on mobile devices.

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