Improve quality with accurate data

Enhance shop floor transparency

Accurate data in real-time

The provision of outdated or wrong information to workers, e.g. work instructions or machine programs usually results in quality defects. WORKERBASE helps to minimize variations in product quality by providing accurate data and timely information on wearable devices. The solution allows to gather real-time feedback from the shopfloor, e.g. about defects or deviations from defined tolerance limits. The WORKERBASE system allows to integrate with existing systems such as ERP to gather all relevant information and to distribute the correct information in a real-time and with minimal effort. This ensures that only recent revisions of work instructions are used or that only appropriate machine programs get distributed.

The WORKERBASE platform helps businesses to deliver the same result every time by offering guided assembly instructions with plausability checks (i.e. cannot check off all items at once). Hence, accurate data is collected each time a workflow is performed. In addition, efficient data acquisition with wearable devices allows to continually collect production parameters e.g. from connected IOT devices or connected machines.

Efficient documentation of defects

Time and costs savings for compiling KPIs and reports

Enhanced shop floor transparency

Reduce non-conformance costs

Solution example:
Defect tracking

With WORKERBASE, users can immediately report defects with the smartwatch. The integrated barcode scanner and 8 megapixel camera allows efficient documentation of defects. All data is sent directly to the Workerbase backend and can be analyzed. Corrective actions can be inititated and can be sent directly to the relevant workers.
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Solution example:
Check incoming and outgoing goods

With the WORKERBASE smartwatch, checking of incoming and outcoming goods can be completed efficiently. The provisioning of checklists on the wearable device ensures accurate data and process compliance. Workers can immediately document relevant data with the integrated barcode scanner and 8 Megapixel camera. Pictures and Videos can be taken directly with the smartwatch and get automatically transmitted the WORKERBASE server archives for long-term storage.
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Solution example:
Enhance Transparency with accurate data

The WORKERBASE platforms provides efficient data acquisition functions to collect accurate data and dashboards to visualize performance analysis. The WORKERBASE smartwatch allows to generate new data points e.g. with its integrated barcode scanner or by using manufacturing apps.
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