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Increase your yield rates by creating a realtime feedback loop

Using digital worker management, you can react to any quality issues earlier and prevent follow-on defects. When workers or systems detect a quality issue, the WORKERBASE system immediately triggers a chain of actions to keep your scrap rates low. Depending on your scenario you can decide to simply inform relevant departments or go as far as blocking certain charges of material at all workstations.

Reduce quality costs
Ensure process compliance with digital operating procedures. Measure and track first pass yield along your value chain.

Just-in-time quality assurance
Inline quality inspections with mobile devices allow just-in-time quality approvals to identify defects as early as possible.

Eliminate the root causes of defects
Follow up on reported quality defects with real-time work coordination.

Digital quality workflows to enable traceability

With fully digital quality workflows, you will never have to scan through digitized paper documents anymore. You will have a realtime picture of all your quality processes. If you ever need to look for any specific product or batch, you can simply  run queries on virtually any kind of product parameters. Using WORKERBASE analytics, you are able to drill down on the root causes of your quality challenges and identify if you are facing material, machine or process related issues.
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digital workflows in the smart factory

Prevent your production lines from using bad material

If your quality process detects any material issues, you can block the respective charges at all workstations immediately. You can also directly trigger a replenishment of all affected workstations and update your ERP system to trigger return and reorder processes. You only need to configure a few simple business rules in the WORKERBASE system which will greatly reduce your material related scrap rates.

Analyze your production flow to detect root causes

When it comes to increasing production quality, looking at the whole picture typically results in the greatest returns. Causes of quality issues may not be very obvious and often the data to truly eradicate them is missing. WORKERBASE collects data from manual work processes and identifies any training or process issues or skill gaps in your workforce. Once you are collecting detailed data from your manual work processes in realtime, you can easily identify if you may be running a process that is unnecessarily challenging for your workforce.
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digital workflows in the smart factory

Train your people on-the-job and increase your first time right rates

Especially manual quality inspections are often tedious to get right when onboarding new staff. What new staff is lacking in experience can be compensated with digital workinstructions. If you would like to use large interactive screens or smartglasses or any other device for your worker training simply depends on your individual circumstances. The WORKERBASE system allows you to use any device and can be configured on an individual level where each worker picks the device most suitable to them.

Predict time required and expected results on any given day

When you start overlaying your production planning data with the results you are getting from monitoring your manual work processes, you are able to start predicting how your production will run on a fine-granular level. Given any production has its ups and downs, you are now able to prevent many of the downs by forecasting workload. Certain combinations of products and the resulting workloads on quality or changeover can significantly reduce your daily output. WORKERBASE can alert you on challenging conditions and recommend preventive action such as bringing in more staff with a certain skill on a particular day.
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How digital tools add value for quality control

Identify root causes early: Detect quality issues early and react to them adequately.
Fix problems just-in-time: Certain types of defects can be fixed in the process using real-time coordination of specialist teams.
Coordinate workers with AI-based workflows: Forecasting of rework station utilization allows to route products in an optimal way through the end of line area.
Enable flexibility: Allow flexible actions by reacting in real-time to unforeseen delays and adjust the process immediately.
Get smart recommendations: Patterns in data as well as historical information about root causes and their solution fit can accelerate the rework process.
Ensure knowledge transfer and reduce walkways: Improve communication quality by directly reporting observations to the quality department.

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