Assembly App Suite

Connect your assembly line workers to o shorten response times and increase throughput.

Coordinate production in real-time

Rapid identification of process bottlenecks. Coordinate work sequences in real-time to increase productivity.

Fully digital and standardized work

Standard operating procedures on tablets ensure consistent product quality.

Continuously improve with real-time data

Increase process transparency with realtime tracking of status and work in progress.

WORKERBASE Assembly App Suite

The WORKERBASE Digital Assembly solution offers a wide range of critical improvements over classic LEAN production appproaches.

Multi-device, Multi-user workflows

- Work procedures are presented on tablet PCs. Operators are guided by digital instructions and can send requests by pushing a button on the tablet.

- All request are directly sent to mobile service team. Workload between operators is automatically distributed and optimized by the system

- ANDON apps for issue reporting provide much better granularity than push buttons or similar systems, avoidance of service staff roundtrips

Assembly App Suite

Fully configurable and interoperable

- Fully customisable to meet any situation and local circumstances, freely definable service activities

- Integrates with existing machines and systems (ERP, MES and others) within minutes

- Optional connection to traditional ANDON boards

Provides actionable insights

- Get an holistic overview about your production status and directly act on real-time data

- Visualization of issue occurrences, suuport calls, time to react, downtime and other important data

- User interface automatically adapts to the worker’s context

Example: ANDON app
Assembly App Suite
Use the WORKERBASE apps to solve any problem in manufacturing. Our configurable apps run out-of-the box and can be adjusted to meet your individual requirements. Click on the app icons to learn more.


By equipping every workstation with tablets running Assembly apps, you will be able to guide your workers through the process with standard operating instructions and observe your production status in realtime. With all information at hand you will be able to instantly identify all process bottlenecks. You will also be able to detect quality issues when they occur and take preventive action immediately. This allows you to align in real-time with functions such as quality control and rework.

Assembly App Suite

Example: ANDON app


Setup of issue types

Freely definable user interface for each issue type. Users can be requested to submit pictures, enter data or select predefined items from a hierarchy of lists.


Configure rules for issue handling

Modify the default rules or create a set of own rules with any kind of escalation pattern. Issues are handled by user’s roles or skills and the system takes care of assigning the right people to the tasks when they occur. No need to manage rules for individual employee’s absence.


Mount devices to your workplaces

Mount tablet devices of your choice (WORKERBASE can perfectly work on low cost hardware) at your production workplaces and assign them to the system.


Equip your service staff with devices

Distribute Smartwatches to your service staff or load the WORKERBASE App onto your existing Android or iOS devices and you are READY-TO-GO!

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