Reduce changeover times

Line Changeover App suite

Leverage our digital tools to enhance and document line changeover processes. Implement centerlining with mobile devices.

Speed-up machine changeover time
Running changeover processes in parallel with digitally coordinated workers can speed up processes by up to 81%

Increase overall equipment efficiency (OEE)
Reduce reaction times and streamline line changeover processes with skill-based work coordination.

Reduce unplanned machine downtime
Make setup processes error-proof and guide operators with standardized operating procedures (SOPs).

Efficient machine changeover processes

Break down process chains into individual activities. A digital system like WORKERBASE allows for far more complex coordination than what human supervisors can handle.

Machine changeover apps to implement standard work
- Implement SMED routines: Separate external from internal setup routines
- Use Step-by-step instruction with text, audio, video to guide machine setters through the changeover process

Line Changeover App suite
Reduce changeover times

Collect relevant data
- Automatically track setup times and change over times to identify process bottlenecks and areas for potential improvements
- Allow employees to give feedback and report improvement proposals, e.g. to engineering department

Upskill machine setters
- Set up efficient on-the-job trainings to upskill employees for e.g. new machine types
- Automatically coordinate 1:1 trainings
- Augment machine setup with digital trainings

Example: Machine setup app
Line Changeover App suite
Use the WORKERBASE apps to solve any problem in manufacturing. Our configurable apps run out-of-the box and can be adjusted to meet your individual requirements. Click on the app icons to learn more.
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Depending on the industry, machine changeover processes often take many hours to complete leading to low machine utilization, high stock levels for components and long lead times for customer orders. Reach agressive production timelines by shortening your machine changeover times with digital tools.

Line Changeover App suite

Example: Machine setup app


Skill-based machine setups
With digital work procedures you display machine setup instructions which adjust to the skill level of employees.


Implement SMED
Individual steps can be split into subtasks with automatic coordination and machine setups can be carried out by multiple people in parallel. This allows you to implement SMED (Single minute exchange of die) work routines efficiently and enables high-variance production without long waiting times for the customer.


Upskill operators
With digital standard operating procedures, you standardize setup routines. By training operators with mobile on-the-job training you can distribute crucial machine setting skills among your workforce. This allows far more flexible machine setup routines.


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