Material Management App suite

Manage material at the work station and handle automatic replenishment. Replace traditional KANBAN systems with our digital Kanban system.

Reduce stock levels
Enable just-in-time organization of material replenishment workflows and reduce stock and inventory levels

Remove waiting times
Increase the efficiency of your material management processes, e.g. with digital kanban workflows.

Shorten lead times
Save costs by reducing lead times.

Easy-to-use Material Management app suite

Configure to your individual needs. Your employees use mobile devices to send requests and automatically receive material orders. By using the system, you connect cross-functional teams such as logistics, quality, support jumpers to assembly lines.

Digital kanban
- Create kanban order with tablet or smartwatch
- Real-time notifications on smartwatch prevent wasteful movement
- Convenient and fast handling of material

Material Management App suite

Picking and sorting
- Fully digital picking and sorting processes with mobile devices
- Visual instructions and team collaboration to efficiently work on item lists

Forklift management
- Lightweight forklift management system
- Coordinate tasks based on availability and location of forklift driver

Example: Replenishment request and material delivery
Material Management App suite
Use the WORKERBASE apps to solve any problem in manufacturing. Our configurable apps run out-of-the box and can be adjusted to meet your individual requirements. Click on the app icons to learn more.
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Organizations based on top-down planned processes often still rely on paper processes. As a consequence, the capability to implement real-time changes is limited. Complex planning of workflows and suboptimal work scheduling results in process inefficiencies, buffers and long waiting times:
- Inefficiencies in material management result in long waiting times for needed parts, high stock levels and lead times
- Paper-based Kanban approaches do not offer real-time visibility

Material Management App suite

Example: Replenishment request and material delivery


KANBAN App creation and usage
Adjust pre-configured  KANBAN app templates to your needs. Build your individual Material management workflow in only minutes.


Send material request
With the push of a button, your assembly line operator sends a material request to all forklift drivers.


Task assignment
The WORKERBASE system automatically sends the material request to all relevant drivers. Task assignment can be configured by different criteria, e.g. location, availability or available skills.


Material delivery
After job fulfillment, the forklift driver finishes the workflow on his smartpohone. Task data is automatically stored in the WORKERBASE system and is ready for analytics.

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