Announcing Workerbase Shopfloor Copilot

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The Workerbase Shopfloor Copilot is the powerful generative AI companion embedded in every aspect of the Workerbase Connected Worker platform to help frontline workers, managers and executives.

Why a copilot?

Our vision is to harness all of our expertise in the manufacturing industry into one single platform that helps factories run operations at near 100% efficiency.

We firmly believe AI copilots have a huge part to play along this journey, and Workerbase is the company building AI copilots specifically with the production shopfloor in mind.

Introducing Workerbase’s Shopfloor Copilot

Workerbased helps managers and executives make sense of all the data they have centralised in Workerbase by providing clear actions, and assists workers on the frontline by opening a new, interactive information channel.

What can you do with Workerbase’s Gen-AI Copilot?

Teams are now able to leverage Generative AI to:

  • Understand what’s happening on the shopfloor: Stop fighting fires and proactively uncover bottlenecks and areas for improvement – before they start costing the business
  • Assist workers on the frontline: Provide frontline workers with smart guidance and actionable advice on-the-job so they always know what to do next, and how
  • Generate content faster: Create customized reports, generate shift handover logs, and develop improvement proposals in just a matter of clicks
What are the benefits of Gen-AI in the factory?

Workerbase contributes directly to improving processes on the factory shopfloor by ensuring they are streamlined and executed with precision:

  • Reduce quality costs: The Shopfloor Copilot proactively analyzes data from machines, systems as well as the input from frontline workers unified in Workerbase to spot defects and errors early in the production process
  • Increase production capacity: maximize the utilization of available resources by using AI to intelligently allocate resources based on real-time data
  • Improve worker efficiency: the Shopfloor Copilot provides relevant and context-specific digital work instructions, reducing the need to search through lengthy paper documents and boosting employee efficiency
  • Minimize downtime: Workerbase’s Shopfloor Copilot proactively identifies and addresses potential issues before they impact production
  • Improve continuously: The Shopfloor Copilot continuously analyzes production data, flagging areas for improvement and proactively generating suggestions for optimization.
  • Retain workforce, attract new talent: The Shopfloor Copilot creates a more engaging and efficient work environment, promoting employee satisfaction and attracting new talent seeking a technologically advanced and collaborative workplace
What’s next?

This is a considerable step, but only the beginning of the journey. We’re very excited to push even further the boundaries of how AI copilots can seamlessly blend into the Workerbase ecosystem to usher in the age of near-100% efficiency in manufacturing.

If you’re excited to shape what Workerbase’s AI shopfloor copilot can do for your factory, get in touch!



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