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Connected and flexible work processes to adapt and optimize vehicle production in real-time

We increase flexibility and transparency of production with Dynamic Process Execution to improve throughput in automotive and vehicle production.

Increase vehicle output
Our digital workflows provide a targeted coordination of tasks based on real-time information to quickly resolve issues and improve throughput in pre-assembly and final assembly.

Reduce quality costs with just-in-sequence processes
With digital workflows, defects and quality problems can be detected early in the process. The causes can be identified and troubleshooting can be initiated just-in-sequence, reducing further delays and costs.

Improve productivity for automotive
Through the transparency of all process data and the fast communication across all production lines, digital workflows significantly increase productivity.

Dynamic Process Execution for the automotive and vehicle production

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Real-time coordination of rework processes to increase throughput

Reworking faulty items costs a large amount of resources. Establishing lean processes in this area is particularly difficult because rework tasks change frequently and rely primarily on manual labor. To establish lean and flexible processes, your workforce needs to be connected in real-time. We provide mobile interfaces to existing systems, thereby reducing reaction times and accelerating decision making by providing interaction and required information for all relevant parties.
Improve rework with digital work coordination

How to organize rework more flexibly?

Download our rework solution guideline.

Predict time required to improve throughput

Certain vehicle configurations and variants and the resulting workloads on quality or changeover can significantly impact your daily vehicle output. WORKERBASE offers fully flexible rework procedures and can recommend preventive actions such as bringing in more staff with a certain skill for particular shifts.
Collect data with digital workflows for automotive

React in real-time to quality issues

Missing parts or quality issues are collected just in-sequence and necessary workflows are triggered in real-time to decrease waiting times. With this efficient inline data acquisition, you are able to connect all processes and eliminate non-value-added activities.

Identify areas for continuous improvements

Bring Industry 4.0 to the next level and connect your operators with the existing systems. Leverage real-time data to find optimization potential and sources of errors, leading to improved production processes. The WORKERBASE system can connect to your existing MES and other systems and allows you to build a common data layer for improvements.
turn data into sustainability
Upskill peoplebackbone for sustainable operations

The best digital interface for each job type

From utilizing PCs or Tablets mounted at a the production line to equipping your workers with mobile devices like Smartphones or Smartwatches  – WORKERBASE supports any device to increase flexibility in the production line. By integrating existing hardware such as connected screwdrivers, pick-to-light systems, RFID and light gates, SPS/PLCs or any kind of other connected device the WORKERBASE platform allows you to build fully seamless workflows. Keep your workers hands-free and use the best digital interface for industrial production from smartwatches to 65” touchscreens.
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Benefits of Dynamic Process Execution for automotive and vehicle production

Reduce rework
Reduce cycle times
Increase throughput

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