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Dynamic Process Execution to increase OEE and throughput

With fully digital workflows and Dynamic Process Execution, we increase flexibility and transparency of discrete manufacturing processes resulting in reduced machine downtimes, less quality losses and improved throughput.

Improve OEE
Identify, solve and prevent machine downtimes with real-time workflows on mobile devices

Reduce quality costs
Error-proof assembly with detailed work instructions that incorporate text, pictures, video and data collection workflows.

Increase throughput
Create flexible work processes that empower your operators to respond and resolve process disruptions in real-time.

Dynamic Process Execution to turn data into action

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Optimize machine availability

Workers in a machine shop must be able to quickly adapt to frequently changing products and machine faults as they occur. By connecting your operators with mobile devices you can ensure, that the right people receive the right information at the right time. Send real-time alarms to the smartwatch of your operators to identify and solve machine downtimes. In this way, you keep your machines running at highest efficiency levels. Our Platform provides digital workflow guidances with detailed task descriptions and standard work procedures to improve productivity of staff, reduce variations in quality and lower planned and unplanned machine downtimes.
Improve rework with digital work coordination
Collect data with digital workflows for automotive

Increase transparency and identify process bottlenecks with real-time OEE analysis

In many production areas it is often difficult to understand how long a process step takes and where the reasons for machine errors and delays lie. With our solution operators can use process coordination apps to log times. You then get full transparency about machine issues and the underlying root causes. You can visualize all performance metrics with real-time OEE dashboards.

Accelerated machine setups

Provide machine setup and change-over instructions to optimize machine setups and reduce planned downtimes. Use our Intelligent process execution platform to parallelize tasks with real-time workflows and automate activities across business areas.
turn data into sustainability

Case study GKN PM

Download the case study from GKN PM about Data-driven production in Discrete Manufacturing.

Link your machines, operators and existing production system with our Dynamic Process Execution platform.

Machine failures and downtimes are often detected too late. The WORKERBASE Platform can be connected to nearly all machines and existing production systems so that a uniform database is created. By incorporating real-time documentation and digital data acquisition, you gain valuable insights into the performance of your factory and can even predict failures before they occur.

Turn insights from your shopfloor into action and outperform your competition

By analyzing every step in the process, bottlenecks and waiting times can be identified, their impact on KPIs can be calculated and process dependencies can be understood. This deep understanding of your processes enables you to implement more effective and flexible processes. With our Intelligent process execution platform you can identify bottlenecks, critical materials or products at risk of rework and coordinate necessary measures automatically.
turn data into sustainability
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Benefits of Dynamic Process Execution for discrete manufacturing

Increase OEE
Improve productivity
Increase production transparency

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