Multi machine operation

Change over

Typically, SMED  is implemented to minimize the exchange time of a die and thus reduce machine changeover times. The Change over app allows to extend LEAN SMED approaches with digital workflows. By providing change over instructions to the correct worker at the right time and by coordinating all supporting activities in the most efficient way, machine changeover and set up times can be minimized.

Your benefits

Save time
Reduce preparation time of your workers and accelerate the process to start a change over.

Allocate resources efficiently

Assign machine change-over tasks only to operators with the right skill set and present the right level of information.

Ensure process compliance

Reduce errors and collect all relevvant data with fully digital workflows.

How it works

Scan QR Code

The operator scans an unique code attached to a machine to receive specific change over instruction data (images, videos, PDFs)


Skill-based coordination

The WORKERBASE systems automatically decides which change over procedures shall be presented to the worker, based on machine type and the person's skill level. All rules are configurable and allow to streamline the entire change over process.

Variant 1: Display visual instruction

Based on skill level, the system presents the information in the most suitable format, e.g. viusal instructions for machine operators.


Variant 2: Display detailed information

In case needed, the system can also present detailed information, e.g. texts or PDF documents.


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