Quality control process

Digital checklist

Paper-based quality processes are slow and do not allow direct initiation of corrective actions. The Digital checklist apps speed up the collection of quality data on the shop-floor and improve the coordination of all required activitites. The app can be configured to collect all kinds of quality related data including checkspoints, images, videos and barcodes.

Your benefits

Efficient collection of quality data

Digital checklists for inline data collection, e.g. wrong deliveries, defect parts etc.

Real-time coordination and collaboration

Inform responsible colleagues in real-time to reduce waiting times.

Speed up problem solving

Ensure fast solutions by using escalation and delegation rules.

How it works

Start Checklist

The operator uses app to check off items while doing his work, e.g. checking inventory. The app can be configured to capture all kinds of data, e.g.  report issues, missing items or defects.


Scan Barcode

The app can be configured to present custom lists for each barcode scanned. The scanned value is stored as unique value in database. This enables traceability (order number, time, location).

Check correct items

App displays items that need to be checked off. The operator checks items from list.



With the operator's confirmation, an end-to-end documentation is enabled. With optional expansions, e.g. added photos of delivery, the digital checklist app can be configured to any need and process.

Real-time coordination

Based on the data collected, follow-up activities can be directly initiated by the WORKERBASE system. The entire business logic can be easily configured with a web browser interface..


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