Quality control process

Non-conformities reporting

Very often, quality issues are identified too late and the visibility about root causes is missing. Thus the quality department only has insufficient information about the quality issues.

The non-conformities reporting app allows to identify non-conformities early in the process and to notify relevant target groups in real-time through multiple channels like email or smartphone notifications.

Your benefits

Notifications with relevant information
Send messages about quality issues with relevant information to solve the problem. Include all important data, e.g. pictures, barcodes, error reasons.

Reduce Walkways
Quality department gets all relevant information directly from the line to the back-office.

Eliminate silo applications

Integrate the NCC app with existing quality system via standard interfaces.

How it works

Operator identifies a failure

With the customizable NCC app, the operator has the ability to easily report quality issues based on standardized digital forms.


Take picture

After opening the app, the worker is asked to take pictures of the quality issue. Based on your process, the app can be configured to e.g. demand more than one picture of the issue.

Select failure reason

Afterwards the operator is asked to select the quality error from a freely definable list of reasons.


Automated Email

An Email is sent to the quality department after the worker finished the task. The email includes the picture(s) and the selected reason. The email can be extended with information about the name and location of the reporter.

Check Dashboard

All data is automatically sent to the WORKERBASE system. The data is visualized in realtime dashboards.


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