Multi machine operation

Parameter setup

Handling of parameters which don’t cause a machine interruption needs to be structured by limit values, priority and repeating patterns. Critical parameter values are often not noticed in time because workers do not easily recognize the yellow / red lights attached to the machine. The Parameter setup app allows to take immediate action in case of critical parameter values. The app can be configured to include an alert based on certain threshold values and allows to directly set and modify machine parameters through standard interfaces like OPC UA, MQTT or REST.

Your benefits

Mobile alerts to take immediate action for critical parameter values
Assign inspection tasks  to operators in real-time to reduce machine downtimes.

Increase overall equipment efficiency (OEE)
Reduce reaction times and improve machine operation processes.

Increase visibility
Collect data for OOE analysis with app-based workflows

How it works

Connected machine

The WORKERBASE system can be connected with existing machines through standard protocols, e.g. OPC UA or REST. The system then tracks if the connected machines run as expected. Configurable business rules allow to define parameters that trigger actions, e.g. temperature thresholds.


Value exceeds treshold

According to the configured business rules, the system informs the group of machine operators to adjust the machine parameters.

Operator adjusts parameter

Operator agrees to adjust parameter. Smart Device provides information regarding the adjustment and the location of the machine.



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