Quality control process

Data collection

Documentation of important process values is often paper-based and thus inefficient to create and difficult to access. The data collection apps allows efficient collection and storage of essential quality data. All data is directly stored in the system and can be used to track process continuity.

Your benefits

Real-time reporting

Efficient collection of all relevant data points directly from the shopfloor.

Increase visibilty

Leverage visual dahsboards for the most important process KPI's to gain insights

Turn data into action

Configure custom business rules and initiate actions when needed.

How it works

Start app

By starting the data collection app, the operator can easily start the process. The entire workflow is configurable through the WORKERBASE system and can provide custom data collection forms, e.g. texts, checklists, numeric values, photos, videos or barcodes.


Collect data

The operator enters the data. All data is automatically sent to the WORKERBASE system and can be displayed in dashboards or integrated into existing line-of-business applications.



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