Standard work instruction

The Standard Work Instructions App enables operators to follow step-by-step instructions. All work instructions can be arranged to meet custom requirements based on product, procedures, or shop floor organization and can include individual tasks, text, photo or video instructions. All instructions can be interlinked and oganized in sequence or in parallel.

Your benefits

Digitized processes ensure production uptime
Access to the different process steps ensures that every worker can complete any process.

Reduce onboarding time
Digital standard work instructions guide operators and reduce training time.

Realize continuous improvement potentials
With step-by-step instructions, lean manufacturing can be fulfilled more easily.

How it works

Operator starts assembling

Mounted tablet or smartphones provide step-by-step instruction how to assemble the product. The opertor can start the instruction by pressing an app icon or by scanning the barcode of a product. The app can also be customized to integrate with existing systems like MES to synchronize the standard instructions with given takt times.


Skilllevel: Starter

In this case the operator is new in the factory and therefore has the Skill "Starter". Detailed information is displayed to minimize the error rate.

Skilllevel: Expert

In this case the operator is a long-term employee and therefore has the Skill "Expert". She gets short text-based instructions as back-up information. All instructions can be configured with the WORKERBASE system and can be imported from existing digital systems or be set up with a visual editor.



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