Quality control process

Track and trace

Manufacturing traceability is a critical requirement for today’s manufacturers to reduce risks and stay competitive. The Track and trace app enables the traceability of produced parts, components and quality issues. It allows to detect process instabilities inline to improve visibility and item tracking as products move through the value chain.

Your benefits

Accurate and timely documentation to meet industry regulations and quality audits

Comparison of historical and real-time data enables deep insights.

Backward traceability to investigate the root of quality problems

Increase visibility into the product lifecycle to discover how defective parts were introduced into production.

Process analytics to determine irregularities

Reduce waste and costs by acting on real-time quality data.

How it works

Scan OR Code 1

The operator scans the QR Code before each process step. The Track and trace app runs on all kind of devices, e.g. smartwatch, smartphone, tablet and can also be triggered from connected barcode sensors, e.g. via bluetooth.


Scan OR Code 2

The entire workflow runs across devices and supports multi-user setups.

Scan OR Code 3

The system tracks the way of the scanned component or product through the value chain.


Analyse your process

All data is sent in real-time to the WORKERBASE systems. Based on the configurable setup, different kind of KPIs can be tracked, e.g. throughput time, waiting times, time per work station, etc.


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