Sustainable production processes with a data-driven and real-time production system

With the growing focus on carbon-neutrality and sustainability, a strategy for energy efficient production and waste reduction becomes increasingly important for all manufacturing companies.

A carbon-neutral production can be achieved with either directly improving efficiency of the equipment or by improving the production processes with focus on energy and resource efficiency. In most of the cases the first step can only be achieved by investing in new machines and systems. But manufacturing companies are understandably hesitant to invest as the benefits of energy reduction are often outweighed by the pure costs of the new equipment itself. 

Gradually improving existing processes and establishing new efficiency standards are often the more economical solution while still offering great sustainable potential.

We at WORKERBASE can help manufacturing companies to create ecofriendly and sustainable production processes with a data-driven and real-time production system. A few examples include:

1. Minimize scrap

Minimize scrap and waste of resources by guiding operators through the process and enabling them to quickly adjust process parameters in case of deviations and disruptions. Standard work instructions and the ability to file support request in real-time enable high-quality processes which ultimately leads to decreasing scrap-rates. This in turn reduces material and energy consumption.

2. Turn data into action

With the ability to directly feed human workflow data as event logs to process mining tools, you gain 100% visibility on the CO2 footprint of production.  With WORKERBASE, you enable operators to feedback process data in real-time with mobile apps. You can directly initiate corrective actions and trace material, components and products along the value chain. With full transparency about all process steps, you can create a new kind of sustainability KPIs, e.g. by mapping and tracing the carbon footprint for individual process steps.

3. Lower energy costs with predictive machine operations

Predict production process parameters based on real-time data from the digital twin. Use the data to optimize capacity planning, work orders and work sequences. This enables you to increase machine utilization and to lower energy consumption.

4. Share sustainability data on a global scale

Drive corporate-wide sustainability improvements across factories with a digital backbone to continuously link global operations. Compare the performance of different production sites. Find improvement opportunities, as well as malfunctions. Enable global access to data on energy consumption, scrap and #sustainability best practises.

Read more about the opportunities of a sustainable production system.

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