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Digital Andon System

Get transparency on your operations and manage incidents and support requests on your shopfloor with up to 47% more efficiency compared to traditional systems.

Fastest response times
Compared to classic ANDON systems the effectiveness and efficiency of your operations can be greatly improved using the WORKERBASE ANDON system, in most cases by 20% or more.

No more multiple people going after the same issue
Tasks are assigned to the right person at the right time based on a powerful rule definition system.

Increase process transparency
Analyze incidents by category, source, execution time or a wide range of other parameters in realtime. Detect process anomalies directly when they occur.

Implementing an ANDON System with WORKERBASE is very straightforward

The WORKERBASE ANDON System can be setup in several ways to fit your individual situation. It can work as a standalone cloud based system without the need to do any integration with your existing IT systems or you can fully integrate it into your infrastructure. Configuring the frontend and business rules is typically done in less than a day and you can connect your existing IT systems using the WORKERBASE data connectors that can connect to any system you have on a wide range of protocols.

Digital Andon guideline

Download our Digital Andon solution guideline.

Use any hardware

The ANDON System can be run on a wide range of hardware. You can use your existing industrial PCs running Windows or Linux, you can equip your workplaces with dedicated Android based workstations, use Android based tablets or any iOS device. If you chose to go for deeper integrations, you can also connect button based systems or deploy dedicated IIOT pushbuttons.  A recommended setup would typically use dedicated station-mounted hardware for each workstation or a group of workstations depending on your shopfloor layout. You can purchase the hardware from your existing suppliers or use some of our custom workstations that are available in sizes from 8”-65”. Please review our industrial hardware devices offer for more details.

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digital workflows in the smart factory

Decide your integration level

The ANDON System can be run autonomously or fully integrated depending on your choice. A typical installation would use devices connected to your factory network via Ethernet or WiFi but you can also decide to fully circumvent your shopfloor network and use devices with 4G. 
Connecting input and output systems is very straightforward using the WOKRERBASE System Connector framework. These connectors allow you to connect virtually any foreign system and then mix and match the data coming in or going out according to the requirements of your existing systems. Utilizing this mechanism ensures that you do not have to run any integration projects with your existing system suppliers, it just works by doing some small configurations.
If you want to connect many local devices or systems, you can choose to run the WORKERBASE system on premise instead of the cloud and work with the lowest network latencies.

Setup the issue reporting frontend

One of the major benefits of the WORKERBASE ANDON System is that you can freely configure the user’s frontend experience. Setting up the incident reporting hierarchy takes only a few minutes and you can freely decide what to include. Instead of using a limited array of push buttons with different kind of push patterns that confuse your frontline workers (short press – long press – double press – double long press …) you can now construct simple and intuitive user interfaces that allow you to collect the required information. So instead of simply having a single button to call a supervisor, you can ask users to state a reason as an additional degree of information. Once you add this extra layer of context, you can optimize the alerts send to your support staff and call the right person at the right time.
digital workflows in the smart factory

Make sure things get done by setting up alerting and escalation rules

In a first version of your ANDON System it only takes a few minutes to setup the rules to manage the alerts to your support staff. You can send alerts to individuals based on their level of required skills, location and availability or chose to send your tasks to groups of people.
If you send an alert to a group the WORKERBASE system ensures that only one person signs responsible for the task and that you do not end up with multiple people going after the same request. The business rules editor allows you to configure many more detail settings such as timeouts, priorities and escalation paths. And if you need even more complex logic, you can use the system to write your own functions and run any kind of complex calculations.
The WORKERBASE platform manages 100,000’s of tasks daily and can be configured for every need. Compared to traditional ANDON systems, the main benefit of the WORKERBASE ANDON solution is that it ensures incidents get resolved in the shortest possible time.

Get transparency on your most common issues

In some cases, unfavorable process design can be responsible for a higher than average number of support incidents. It is very easy to detect these kinds of issues with the WORKERBASE ANDON System, quite often already after only a week of operation. You can run detailed analysis on your data such as number of incidents by type, station, shift alongside resolution time, escalation hierarchy and literally any other parameter you would like to evaluate. The analytics platform is just as configurable as the user interface builder or rules system.
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digital workflows in the smart factory

Optionally deploy traditional ANDON boards

In case you want to run a classic ANDON board in your shopfloor, we offer a wide array of visualization options here as well. You can build a totally customized layout or use some of our out-of-the-box templates. The ANDON boards will behave similarly as a workstation and can be managed by your existing device management solution or the WORKERBASE platform.
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Explore the WORKERBASE Andon app

Benefits of using WORKERBASE Digital ANDON

Shorter response times: Tasks get assigned to the right person at the right time based on  configurable business rules. This skill-based distribution reduces response times drastically.
Clear and consistent reporting channels: Andon calls can be extended with additional information. This allows issue reporting with much better granularity than conventional push buttons. For example, include targeted messages such as “Missing material”, “Amount: 50”, “Type: Broken shafts”, “Charge: 2364”.
No more multiple people going after the same issue: Workload between service staff is automatically distributed. Notifications are only sent to relevant people.
Fully integrated: the WORKERBASSE Andon system work wirelessly and integrates with existing machines and systems (ERP, MES and others).
Real-time tracking: Advanced analytics and visualization options can be applied. Examples include time to react, time to repair, repeat issues, downtime or uptime.

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