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Digital work coordination for flexible machine operation

Assign machine alarms to operators with the right skills to reduce machine downtimes and Improve Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE).

Coordinate machine operators to improve your OEE

Are you still using outdated technologies to alert your workers? Signal lights or centralized boards are an inefficient way to indicate machine interruptions. By using smart devices, workers can be notified about machine status changes immediately. This allows quick reactions and reduces machine downtimes significantly. With personalized workflows, workers receive only alarms which are relevant for them. This speeds up task execution and ultimately leads to a higher OEE.
Increase asset utilization with the
Machine operation App Suite
machine alarms
speed up machine change overs

Speed-up machine change overs

With digital work procedures you create machine setup routines which adjust to the skill level of employees.
Individual steps can be split into subtasks with automatic coordination and machine setups can be carried out by multiple people in parallel.
This allows you to implement SMED (Single minute exchange of die) work routines efficiently and enables high-variance production without long waiting times for the customer.
Speed-up machine change over times with the
Machine Operation App suite

Shorten waiting times

Establish clear and direct communication channels to streamline work coordination.
Use automated alerts, escalation routines and competency-based job assignments to improve information flow across different functions.
This ultimately leads to shorter waiting times and improved productivity.
Increase machine uptime with the
Machine Operation App suite
improve machine operation

Efficient multi-machine operation for decreased downtimes

You can ease multi-machine operation by providing mobile interfaces for machine alarms and machine changeovers. Operators receive real-time alerts in case of critical events and guidance on which activities to perform next. Turn your standard operating procedures into dynamic work instructions and minimize machine downtimes!

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