/ Reduce costs in manufacturing operations

Reduce production cost in manufacturing

Improve your competitive pricing by realizing savings on your production cost. Reduce quality assurance cost and scrap rates by detecting quality issues earlier. Track material and free up inventory through improved work processes.

Reduce rework and save non-conformance costs

Improve your quality assurance routines to reduce rework and improve yield rates.
Provide your workers with step-by-step instructions for an error-proof production process. Use any combination of Smartphones, Tablets and Smartwatches to display information in context hands-free.
Manage rework by defining dynamic rework routines for different defects and automatically allocate the best resources to remove process bottlenecks.
Let your workforce report realtime fault notifications to Quality Management. Document all incidents on-site by using audio, pictures or videos for future reference.
Reduce rework with the
Connected Workplace App Suite
reduce quality costs in manufacturing
digital checklists

Digital checklists for zero defects

Detecting quality issues late in a process can lead to high rework efforts. Equiping your staff with quality checklists that are embedded into their workflow helps you to detect issues immediately and implement a culture of zero defects.
Reach zero loss with the
Connected Workplace App Suite

Reduce inventory with electronic kanban workflows

Implement an electronic kanban process in which material is ordered with smart devices.
Send material requests to smart devices of relevant workers, e.g. forklift operators or warehouse workers.
Keep track of all kanban orders and analyze data in real-time.
Create just-in-time material management routines and reduce inventory and lead times.
Reduce inventory with the
Connected Workplace App Suite
electronic kanban

Tracking parts made easy

The WORKERBASE smartwatch allows efficient tracking of parts in your assembly line. The integrated barcode scanner enables your workers to
document all process steps with the smartwatch. Create custom workflow apps and connect to your existing systems like ERP or MES.

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