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Machine failures are often not noticed in time because workers do not easily recognize the yellow / red lights attached to the machine. Several solution patterns have emerged to ensure machine uptime (e.g. machine supervision next to line, patrol rounds, etc.), usually requiring a large amount of staff or suffering from long incident detection times. The Andon app allows to shorten reaction times and remove bottlenecks. Typical use cases include the monitoring of machine uptimes and downtimes for overall equipment effectiveness analysis, initiating material request at assembly station and maintenance and support calls.

Your benefits

Mobile alerts to reduce unplanned and planned machine downtimes
Assign machine alarms to operators in real-time to reduce machine downtimes.

Increase overall equipment efficiency (OEE)
Reduce reaction times and improve machine operation processes.

Increase visibility
Collect data with Smartphone app to get full visibility about the status of production.

How it works

Worker sends request

Worker pushes button on tablet. All buttons are fully configurable in WORKERBASE


Target group alert

Notifications are sent to the relevant target group. Workers can accept or decline tasks. The system takes care of the entire task coordination, including delegation and escalation routines.


Worker follows the instructions how to perform the task


Data collected

Data related to the support requests and reactions are stored in the system

Data analyzed

All data gets analyzed and rules can be configured that initiative actions, e.g. thresholds are met, number of items below a limit etc.



The system sends alerts to defined target groups based on the configured rules

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