From clutter to clarity

Shift from legacy paper processes to streamlined digital workflows that increase shopfloor agility and transparency

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Paperless factories gain efficiency and reduce costs

Error reduction
Resource optimization
Real-time insights
Audit simplicity


Quality costs


Scrap rate




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The solution: the Workerbase Connected Worker platform for smart factories

Digital work instructions

Step-by-step guidance through user-friendly interfaces and multimedia support

Smart checklists

Easily customizable, providing real-time updates and low-effort data collection

Real-time collaboration tools

Facilitate seamless communication and problem-solving among teams

Training and knowledge sharing

Empower your workforce with on-demand, context-based learning modules

How it works

Here’s just one example of how you can turn maintenance inspections into efficient, paperless workflows.

The old way

  • Hang inspection schedule on the blackboard

  • Print out inspection order

  • Print out inspection checklist

  • Search through physical maintenance guidelines

  • Fill in paper copies of the service log

  • Write service report as proof of completed inspection

The paperless way

  • View, schedule and get notified of maintenance tasks on a smart device

  • Access digital checklists from a mobile or tablet

  • Access all documentation in digital form at the click of a button

  • Log the worked carried out and attach photos, videos and notes

  • Automatically generate inspection reports

Why Workerbase?

Compatible with all existing machines and systems

Out-of-the-box solution

Just weeks to implement

Create your own customized workflows in a few hours

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It takes just weeks to get your first production lines testing the Workerbase Connected Worker platform.


Can Workerbase meet the individual requirements of different factory sites?

What kind of device do I need to run Workerbase?

Does Workerbase integrate with SAP?

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