Digital workflows that enable factory workers to collect and receive real-time data is crucial for Catena-X. A holistic data collection and utilization approach which covers all human-driven workflows is needed:
- acquiring data from human-driven work
- sharing data in a consistent and secure manner
- approval workflows to include all relevant stakeholders

The Workerbase Connected Worker Platform provides a complete digital workflow execution platform that seamlessly integrates with Catena-X.

Digital workflows that enable factory workers to collect and receive real-time data is crucial for Catena-X.

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Factory workers use digital workflows to instantly collect and access data relevant to their tasks. This real-time data improves efficiency and reduces delays in decision-making processes. All suppliers, manufacturers, and customers get up-to-date data about production processes and involved components.


The data collected by factory workers can be used to identify bottlenecks and optimize production workflows. Insights gained from worker-collected data can help in identifying areas for improvement, reducing waste, and enhancing overall productivity.
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Enabling factory workers to contribute to the shared Catena-X dataspace fosters collaboration along the value chain. Workers provide valuable insights and feedback based on their hands-on experience, contributing to continuous process improvement and innovation.


Sharing data on material origins, manufacturing processes and transportation details enables traceability across the value chain. Full data transparency supports compliance with regulatory requirements, and enables proactive measures such as recalls or quality audits when necessary.
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A Connected Workforce for Catena-X

The WORKERBASE platform includes configurable templates for different manufacturing use cases, e.g. Supply chain delivery bottlenecks, Spare parts management, Quality management, Traceability or
Co2 footprint data collection. All app templates can be adapted to support individual requirements. All apps run on top of the same platform.
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Guide workers through production processes with digital data collection workflows. Collect real-time data with wearable and mobile devices. Each barcode scan, each touch interaction on the device is a relevant datapoint and can be shared within the Catena-X ecosystem.
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The WORKERBASE Connected Worker platform creates an event log from all generated data and  provides advanced analytics functions.
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Turn data into real-time actions. Implement continuous improvement based on real-time data with our Connected Worker platform.

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